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Here's Your Precious Princess

Uhm...well I know you're all waiting for me to finish my final Tarzan family portrait thing (or maybe you couldn't care less and I'm just flattering myself) but I've made a diversion.

Actually it's a double diversion as what I was actually trying to do was make a submission for the Strangers Like Me group's halloween competition, but it was not going well so I did this instead :P I hope I'll manage to finish the halloween pic - it is a genius idea even if I do say so myself (modesty? I do not know this word).

But back to the deviation in hand - a tribute to my favourite Disney villain and princess all rolled into one as they are conveniently in the same film ;) the bit at the end of Sleeping Beauty where Maleficent tries to stop Phillip escaping the castle and then battles with him is easily in my top 5 Disney sequences of ALL TIME. I love the music.

I was going to spiel off here about my thoughts and theories regarding Maleficent and her obsession with Aurora but I won't bother because you all know what I'm like and I'm sure you can guess :P :P I have a one track mind.

A long while back I was planning to write a fanfic about Maleficent's past and how she got that way (a la Gregory Maguire with 'Wicked') but I am ever so excited to note that Disney may be going to do this of their own accord in the near future, with Angelina Jolie possibly playing Maleficent. CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING MORE AMAZING? Anyway, my own fanfic idea was based mainly around my observation that Maleficent and Aurora's mother had very similar looking faces so I thought maybe they were sisters. Maybe I'll write it one day. Who knows. More to the point, who cares??? ;)

Uh, done in photoshop and using a texture over the top and drop shadows on all the block colour layers to give it a collage look :)

So, yes, now you know that I do like other things that are not only Tarzan related :P

p.s. what is with people who prefer Aurora in her pink dress?? THE BLUE SUITS HER SO MUCH BETTER!! KTHX.

*EDIT: I tracked down the texture I used to make the effect, it's one from this pack [link] the artist has many lovely painted-paper textures.

Maleficent's hands seems to be floating in mid air and not attached to her body...I may go back and fix this.

~BalunStormhands linked me to [link] which is a great short story musing from Maleficent's point of view, of the scene leading up to this 'moment' in the film. If you enjoyed my picture I think you would enjoy this story very much.

**EDIT: Fixed Maleficent's hands/arms A BIT...added spinning wheel...hope you like :)

***EDIT: Wow, thank you everyone for making this (statistically) the second most popular picture in my gallery within just four days of posting. I never thought anything could come close to overtaking 'Swept of Her Feet' but this one may give it a run for its money ;) I'm really glad you all like this picture so much.

****EDIT: Final edit I hope! ^^; I made a big print of this and then noticed some mistakes, which I've corrected, including Maleficent's missing ring! Hopefully all is good now :)
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Nov 3, 2011, 3:30:33 AM
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So, I take it you saw Maleficent, yes?
I like this. It looks like Maleficent picked up the sleeping Aurora to show her off as a triumph. The title seems to support that, too.

Also, Merryweather would be happy to hear about your color preference. :)
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Wow, so beautiful
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Just wanted to let you know that this pic is becoming quite popular on tumblr~  It currently has +1,600 notes. 
Also, I just think it's freaking fabulous~ <3 I hope to see more Sleeping Beauty art from you, in the future. :) 
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I love it!!!! More Maleficent and Aurora! How about one where Mal holds Aurora's body in her arms (cradle style)?
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That would awesome, actually. I can imagine Maleficient scooping up and carrying the slumbering princess in her arms as she dangles limply in the fey queen's grasp; kind of a dark mockery of being bridally carried over the threshold.

On another note, even though it's out-of-character and totally inappropriate I'd love to see an illustration of Mal carrying Aurora slung over one shoulder, with a proud grin on her face due to just recently capturing her. Maybe even using her spare hand to give the princess a slap on the rear. :)
I dont know if its ok when I laugh about when aurora was pricking her finger on the spindle
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Thank you!! :)
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Excuse me, wha? Sorry... just... fantasizing...

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Ha! Well you're not alone there ;)

Glad you liked it :D
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Your artwork has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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That's awesome and all, but the link you sent me didn't work! ^^;
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This has t be my favorite picture, my favrite villain is Maleficent. And I als love that you descided to have Aurora in her blue dress rather than her pink. I love the blue dress much better than the pink.
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I am very honoured! And I agree completely about the blue dress - it looks so much better!
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Ohh, very nice. Could you do one of Ariel and Ursula just like this?
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Well, it's not really my fandom. But perhaps some time in the future :)

I'm really glad you like this one though!
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ok... the actual moment when my inner me shouts at me: MALEFICENT!!! RAPE HER AND RECORD IT >:D!!!... damn it...
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I think you and I may have a lot in common
Ooo so dramatic!
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lol uh what's going on in this pic?
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