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Very nice dynamic composition!
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You're so clever. Thanks for sharing:D
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"Dice fall, everything rocks?"
Jailhouse Shock 
I'm a big time rpg player and this can be a real problem. One time the DM created a meta encounter where dice hitting models would cause damage and environmental effects. We let people that had put a lot of time into their mini take it off the table and replace it with a less important one for that fight. People would go role from the other side of the table just for a better angle.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Poor adventurers...
Bless us with twenties of mighty RN God!
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Looks like someone rolled a natural 1.
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This is fantasy mixed with surreal.
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It's that mixture of marvellous drawing talent and hilarious humour that gets me again and again :D

Felt reminded of olden PnP times immediately ...
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you're really just on another level arn't you
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I am willing to give up my soul to see a real life recreation of such art piece.
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Dices fall, everyone dies.
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Did we break the DM?
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That, or we bailed them out of a narrative tight spot they didn't want to admit they were in!
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It is better to TPK than admit narrative failure.

The DM motto.
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TPK by dice, every player's fear and DM's secret wish.
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"The gods are trying to kill us with giant cubes again!"
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DnD throughs the eyes of your characters. Awesome.
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