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Three Cornered

"He is here."



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Swordless is striving for fight with the strong guy

superduper is looking menacingly (while world is shaking behind him cause of difference in strength...)

and there's third one... You can't see but he's currently puzzled wondering what's going on... (also you couldn't guess even if you saw cause what's under the hood is a little... deeper than most faces...)

I know that one can cut everything, the other one is superduperstrongdude... yeah basically ChuckNorrisly-strong, but fear the last one... yeah this funny looking guy, a little out of place, but that situation just now is probably outcome of his actions

aaaand... he is probably already in pieces so whatever with cutting, he's also not strong... but disasters aren't solved by defeating them they are prevented... and usually not with strength...

also whatever outcome of this unexpected clash will be is most likely his fault...but don't curse him... he didn't meant it... well he might have... but he had good intentions

ah and there's also big bird with them, you see that feathers, he's trying his best to say hi to the guys that look a little not right in their heads... nah he isn't scary or powerful it's not like he wasn't included in picture cause he's too scary, he's just a bird... ah but he can talk... and probably prevented a few disasters with this ability (he's probably the most heroic one of these 4), his mind is also strong... most likely cause of the ones that he didn't prevent... look at him, he's most calm out of them all, it's like any other day for him... he already takes extinctions of nations with straight face and even responds with jokes to that... continent less or more, few dimensional breaches, horrors rampaging... that's just another opportunity to sharpen his tongue even more... and maybe prevent another end of world while at that, it's blessing that cursed guy has his guardian angel... I mean guardian bird, white feathers lol anyone could stutter...

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Insert some Jojo lines here...

Because I have no words to describe this amazing Manga piece.

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The Confrontation

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oho this is gonna be good.

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Wait, are those the Strongest man Alive, the Swordless Swordsman and the Man with every Curse?

Holy shit, that would be an interesting, chaotic and very dangerous battle... And depending on how their mechanics interact, that would be dangerous for everyone, only them, or only people who aren't those three.
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given all their stories, it's the last one <.<

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So this would end similar to the result of a fight between Chuck Norris and a Nokia phone?
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what an epic battle!!

they on fine and full of rage :D

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"get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

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I'm only worried about the poor bird caught in the middle and its poor choice of aligning with the guy that probably will be the target of all of the anger of the other two contenders.

nah the bird is too smart to be involved in this fued. he'd be like "fuck that i'm out" also the bird didn't chose the alience.

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I never saw why and how Bird is always following The Caped Cursed Man. I wish there was a compilation of all of his art neatly wikied, A.Shipwright.wikia and his universes

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Is that super strong guy? Wow, that would be an epic battle!

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A duel of wizardry, raw strength, and finesse--all increased to otherworldly levels by the crazy amount of magic in Ashipwright's world.

Even if they just sit down and have tea together--THIS WILL BE EPIC!

Its not gonna be "normal" final battle :D ....

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And they sat down, lit a fire and began to drink delicious tea

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Please please please make more of this!!! I'D LOVE TO SEE MORE!!!!

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Holy crap, curse guy, swordless swordsman AND SDSD?! The world's gonna be lucky if it's still in one piece after this fight!

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I had a discussion a while back about who was ashpwright strongest character. We might have some awensers here. Interesting.

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