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The Sword of Ash

The Sword of Ash was a weapon that once blazed brighter than the Sun or any dragon heart.
In the old tales of the Westland, the Shards of Dawn that created the day before born of the Sun changed into the Sword as time goes on.
Now the Sword has cooled off, and only its dark vestige has left.
But the hand that wields it could feel that the prestige of the Sword has never died.

Therefore he didn't let it out of his hand to the last.



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I'm curious if you set all of your art pieces in the same world or not. If they are, then in this world there at one point was no sun, then a 1000 year old rooster crowed and created the sun, then the sun got buried and dug up again, AND at some point someone created a second magical sun. And probably other things as well.

Not to mention the sun has been threatened by a rabbit with a carrot to boot.

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I'd be afraid to touch it, just in case I broke it ^^;

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"It was once said this blade was to be treated like a young prince. It's heart full of energy and it's strength and mettle unhampered by the challenges it and it's wielder have faced... Now that it has aged, it is to be treated like an old-wise-king.. Old, full of cracks, scratches of memories of it's many if not thousand of battles... yet it's heart remains young, it's strength unhampered and it's spirit with a flickering yet burning light to cleave mountains in twain in one last adventure it will have in it."

"What will you do with it?"

"... I'm going to a kingdom, with an old King to help cleave a mountain down the middle; so that he may be able to visit his Grandson, on a farm far from his home and tell him tales of his youth, of dragons, wars and of beauty in the world, to fill him with wonder and set out on his first adventures when he comes of age in the time that follows."

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"A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage."

"And yet it retains its faint heat, just enough to burn away any heathens standing his way. All he need is a bit of faith."
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ooh, good one. I was coming from a zelda reference.

Thanks. I was going for dark soul esk parody. Either works nonetheless.
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Superbly evocative!

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This is like like some 'Souls game' type stuff.

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Awesome ilustration!

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Cinderella would prolly relate to this guy.

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Beautiful job!

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This is really good!! I love it!

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amazing pose and great detail on that ashen sword :la:

the smoke is a great touch

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will you ever draw a weapon that isn't just either a cool looking piece of metal with obscenely huge drawbacks or stuff that reads simply as "It was awesome once, now it's hot garbage."?

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I think the point of this one is that it is STILL awesome, but looks like garbage to the uneducated eye.

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It seems to me that the whole point of the sword in fantasy-story as an archetype is precisely that it is "just either a cool looking piece of metal with obscenely huge drawbacks"

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