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The Ash Knight

Or the Monster named of Industry.

By the way my brothet told me that i copied the poster of Dark Soul
even though i never thought about that while drawing.

Ah creativity! Ah humanity!
It is so wide yet shallow!
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YabannaKoogarappa's avatar

woah, how long did it take you to draw that??

ChaosTN's avatar
Reminds me of Al Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, great job!
Lawrence-of-Vokellis's avatar
There’s nothing original under the sun, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make cool reimaginings.
Shabazik's avatar
Awesome work!!
MrStuporman's avatar
I can't believe Dark Souls copyrighted the idea of a knight on fire.
PaintThatBell's avatar

Oh I love this artwork so much in that it has a really cool ash effect! (Course that was the point with the title)

I love the crosshatching. What kind of tools did you use?

ashpwright's avatar
Only pen. Like, just any pen :-)
PaintThatBell's avatar

Okay, that's cool! I would've guessed maybe india ink or Micron. But, just any ink pen? I salute your inking skills

Xagnel95's avatar
Amazing work, ashpwright. I've never played Dark Souls, but your sketch does remind me of the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings, which is cool.
Thanks for the inspiration and stay awesome :D
nitelini's avatar
oh, dark sauce reference!
thevigousflucsinator's avatar
PhantomSkyler's avatar
Its definitely got a dark Souls vibe, but best embrace that. Beyond that, loving the detailing ink work on his armor and those flames!
Gareque's avatar
Awesome work dude.  Love the style of shading you use pretty much throughout your gallery.

Out of curiosity, have you by any chance taken any inspiration in the style from a horror artist who goes by Skirill?  Not sure what it is, but something in your work brings his style to mind.  But either way, earned you a watch from me, keep up the great work :).
Monster-Teeths's avatar
yooo holy shit that hatching tho
Golemrider's avatar
This is the best thing I've seen on the front page for a long, long time.
cwdphillips's avatar
I like it.
I think burning helmet is very cool
Madcre8tor's avatar
Kinda reminds me of this dude…

From the witcher…

Must be because he ends up dying to a fire spell in the end.

Otherwise pretty badass. nice play you have going with the contrast using only black - sometimes the white dots and lines dictate the shape, other times it's black lines, depending on what pops out as a line.
Also like how the white lines on the helmet have direciton yet are somewhat wavy akin to flames.
T-2r's avatar
Is he made out of Jews? Just lore question.
mmitchellhouston's avatar
This is REALLY fantastic. I love the energy conveyed by your lines. Also loving the choices you made for large patches of black (face & sword). I see a hint of Frank Miller influence (in his more restrained days) and a smidge of influence from Wrightson and Eisner. BEAUTIFUL work. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
Hereiamyellow's avatar
Great ink work here, thanks for sharing!
amjadc137's avatar
why cant i downlowd it ?
DarkRookLobby's avatar
hmm,indeed,why can't you?
Nosidex's avatar
Cause' you can't steal it from the author.
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