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Soul Fish

I take care of threatened species all over the world.
Adorable little soulfish here is one of them.
Soulfish are mysterious creature eating living soul of human beings and mortals.
Sadly, they're in a crisis of extinction by thoughtless hunting and habitat damage.

The teeth of soulfish is one of the few material in our world that can contact with the Back Realm.
That's why random souls keep getting stuck in its teeth.
I regularly visit them and clean their teeth.
You always have to be careful since there are many souls trapped in hellish gob making horrible shrill.

The world is full of wonderful and beautiful creatures.
I'm trying my best to preserve this beauty.



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The kids mask reminds me of Borderland
Slofkosky's avatar

Hopefully only the discarded souls sink to the bottom of the ocean where the soulfish are able to eat them up.

LittleFuzzyWasp's avatar
terreal61's avatar

The atmosphere and coloring remind me of Wakfu.

JMObyx's avatar

Does this creature actually eat souls or do they simply get stuck in their teeth as they swim?

Laxianne's avatar

I love everything thing about this, simply enchanting~

Forever-Art-Fan's avatar

Hopefully the most good-of-heart human-souls are too fast to be eaten by a Soulfish, not weighted down by the sins and wicked deeds when they lived.

dbgirl's avatar

Love the story so much!

PawlyTigris's avatar

Getting backflashs from the giant Mario 64 eel.. that one still scares me.. ^^°

Anyways, amazing work as always! <3

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Dis is da gooooooood shiz

well done looks fantastic

BlastRadiusGraphics's avatar

i love this favorite so far today

Evodolka's avatar

aww kind of like a deep sea dentist appointment :D

still though, jkes aside this looks awesome :la:

albalopez65's avatar

Beautiful work!!!

KnockoutNorko87's avatar

Aight, tis will probably be me favourite character of yers so far. Right behind the super duper strong guy of course.

AluminumFox's avatar

You're a wonderful human, taking care of creatures others would judge as demonic, something to kill instantly. I myself wouldn't advise going near the jaws of an aquatic spirit predator, but whatever works. You keep saving the creatures that cannot save themselves. :)

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