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Old Friends

"I miss the days when we both were young. It's funny how time flies.
I was a hot blood wizard and you giant rock as huge as mountain.
It is just as old sayings. Sun falls, man stoops, and golem crumbles."

"Why do you left out that phrase? 'Man loses his hair.'"

"Before you wag your pebbly tongue, remember why your body was splited into half-size two weeks ago."



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So Brilliant!!! :happybounce:

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this is probably the most beautiful piece I've ever seen

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Stunning work!
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good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
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omagad ! so nice

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Excellent drawing!
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Definitely weathered the wear and tear better than the golem.

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In this case I think the human wizard definitely aged better than the rock monster. 
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is that Gandalf?
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That looks like one of the wizards from Lord of the Rings.

I feel good with it

Wow, I just love this concept. The aged wizard is seen quite often, but their age-crumbled companion? Not as likely. They're usually shown with cats, bats, mice, falcons, hawks, owls, etc., but we never see the effects of their long-lived, studied lives on them. So a construct- something people usually see as immune to aging, being reduced to a floating cluster of rocks, is rather interesting.
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Very nice work!
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I bet his draws ain't white.

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Is the insinuation that the Wizard was the one who reduced the rock’s size? And this is an awesome artwork.

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Gandalf? Or Fizban?
Mystically Magical
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