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In and Out

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The infamous soul-sucking mosquito contributed much to inquiry about correlation of soul and body.
The statue of mosquito was built, sponsored by National Academy of Soul Study, to commemorate a remarkable scientific accomplishment
and took less than an hour to be destroyed by nearby residents.



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Jul 2, 2020, 3:52:30 PM
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haiderxx-darkgroundxProfessional Traditional Artist

impressive artwork very nice indeed

SongoftheBlackWolf's avatar

Damn . . . looks just like the mosquitoes in my neck of the woods! Mayhaps you could draw a giant bat to eat the giant soul sucking mosquito?

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MayandKirbyHobbyist General Artist
FlamasTheFox's avatar

It cannot be, it is a Venezuelan being bitten by a Mosquito.

it is not a joke xD

AngeloZavalaArt's avatar
AngeloZavalaArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is badass
DuracellEnergizer's avatar
DuracellEnergizerHobbyist General Artist

Just a typical summer for me, buddy.

MayandKirby's avatar
MayandKirbyHobbyist General Artist

2020 in a nutshell.

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Gabbs94New Deviant
Reminds me of taking my dog on a walk everyday
Matrick22's avatar

well that "sucks"

*rimshot being interrupted by soul sucking mosquito*

NearlyEverythingFan's avatar

Well, if a soul-sucking mosquito is created, only to have it suck souls out of people the same way ordinary mosquitoes suck blood out of us, can you really blame the residents for destroying it so soon?:headbang:

rezcot's avatar
rezcotHobbyist Traditional Artist

This is wicked!

CMVreud's avatar
Persian7's avatar
Persian7Hobbyist General Artist

Jesus Christ.

That's rad

JMObyx's avatar
JMObyxProfessional Writer

Your Dark Fantasy World is coming along nicely! How many worlds do you have? Or are all of these wonderful pictures you're drawing hail from the same universe?

On another note, if the statue looked exactly like that, then the people who built it and placed it there are a special breed of f-ed up.

UDtheAesir's avatar
UDtheAesirHobbyist General Artist

Love it!

oakheathen's avatar

Note: The state bird of Minnesota is this mosquito.

maketgisavailable's avatar
maketgisavailableHobbyist Artist
In and out, 20 minute adventure
MrGheesfellow's avatar
MrGheesfellowStudent General Artist

Why, that's what ordinary mosquitoes do. After a few sleepless nights of buzzing in your ear, they can then procceed to drain your resigned, soulless husk.

Monsterking777's avatar
Monsterking777Hobbyist Traditional Artist

This reminds of something from a book i read a while back, it was pretty screwed up from what i remember.

SRB15937's avatar
SRB15937Hobbyist Writer

i used to live in a place with lots of mosquito's, but then i moved somewhere were i almost never saw them, now i'm back in a mosquito hot spot.

thank you so much for reminding me of the horrors of living near fresh water. (said with sarcastic enthusiasm)

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RappenemHobbyist Traditional Artist

This gives me PTSD...

NullRidley's avatar
NullRidley General Artist
Oh hell noooo
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