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Gilded Last

By ashpwright
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O Death
Rude guest, cruel thief
Fair farmer and hardworking reaper
Greedy waterman bleeding gilded blood

Vicious jester who walk above and ripple
the surface of moaning souls

I will welcome you with both hands existing no more
Here in this sea where i stand evermore



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Beautiful shot!

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Life's a race everyone finishes.

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This figure brings to mind Ghostfreak's kind from Ben 10, with the black and white and the single, asymmetrical eye.

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Quiet and otherworldly. Beautifully composed.

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You never cease to surprise me. This is soul-touching, both the words and the visual illustration accompanying it.
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It has become a really great work. The drawing style is really very original if even unique, it is an elaborate ink work with very different facets and structures. The mountains, for example, are straight and synchronously toned and can bring the distance from the actual events well. The figure is Absolutely the highlight It's like it's moving dynamically and involves the environment like the water it follows its steps and runs smoothly in the picture, it also has very nice curved lines that fit in the style well. The actual shape of the figure is also quite imposing it almost reminds me of a deity when one observes the sun and the own light of the being. But I have to admit, unfortunately, I can not classify what kind of deity it might be. It also has a peculiar proportion that emphasizes certain body features such as the Long Claw-like Hands, or the Elongated Body of the Perfect Veiled with a luminous cape. But most of all the head is the one with the strongest light source and carries an almost futuristic helmet. I also find the meaning and color of the sun very interesting it seems that the sun has something to do with the scythe of the being and donates energy. Generally, the sun seems to work differently than other pictures. In any case, a nice contrast to the monochrome type of sign. A great job was done. Keep it up.
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Looks like some rad Scp.
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I am in Love with that. Simply amazing <3
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Those are some really cool squigglies.

For real, though, awesome drawing.
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Am I the only one who's reminded of markings on LoZ:TP's shadow-beasts' masks
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Like to think that each day he injures the sun which causes night to start.
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I love the composition. What technique are you using for this? It looks almost like a litho print.

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Awesome! I really like your work.
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Love the Erie feel to this

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Won't you spare me for another year?
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Right now I need hands just like that to reach and scratch my back! LOL
Amazing as always!
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