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Is that a little elf I see in the tree stump there? That's a nice touch ^^
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everything is just too magnificent!!!
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I absolutely love your artwork.  I love doing black and white myself. really like how you do your background and incorporate the border into the piece.  love the imagery on the black rock.  I have checked out your whole your work.
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I love the style and detail!
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Very nice crossed patterns and blacks! :thumbsup:
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How did you do the patterns in the rock face? Did you color it black and go over it with something or did you just leave out gaps? What Materials did you use?
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Leaving the gap out, using black marker :-)
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Sorry should have been more specific, what kind of marker? I have trouble finding one that blends well with my microns it always ends up a lighter shade. Otherwise thanks for the reply. Love your work.
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It's just ordinary marker, not even artistic marker.

You know the one in the every office and desk, using for marking names?

That's what i used for this drawing, only bigger.
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Awesome man. Thanks you for your art. Worlds a little more interesting because of it.
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Very good drawing!
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Very cool!  I love your style!!
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Very cool.  Is the snail shape in the rock to indicate the speed of the rock as opposed to the fire fairy?
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you should have inverted the big black block color and the yellow of the line art but I like the rest.
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I personally disagree, I like it how it is. I don't think that would have worked for the light/ shade contrast on the rock formation that is the "big black block", though I would have closed the gap between the fairy (and it's fiery trail) and the rock. Then again, I could be wrong.  Another nice piece by a very creative artist.
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and if it was used to draw the sunlight?
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Like I said, I like it the way it is. Just my personal opinion.
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Same, what other opinion can we give?

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for a second i read it as Farie Fire. i rolled dex for nothing then
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