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“The quadratic equation! It burns! IT BURNS!”
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The power of mythril clad contracts.
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"Get divided by Zero b!tch!"
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Mathematics = Zealous Accusation
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Math annoys me and gives me joy. 

"It says you're a HERETIC"

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I can totally relate! Maths has the same effect on me

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hmm... The Funniest Joke in the World, but author seems still alive...
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Aaaaaaaah! Words on paper.
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Someone wrote a story of a programmer that got to world where magic is literally programming the world. He made magic much easier by creating programming language for magic. Earlier everyone were like "1100110101011110011..."
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The anime Knights & Magic?
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No idea. I just heard of the concept.
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why I remember Crusader

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Psychic attack! My brain hurts!
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People always boast about how their mixtape is fire, well, olden day folks wrote lit scriptures.
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        Bahahaha  Nobu and Buno Choirlaheehee 
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But I don't wanna do my homework!
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Math: the ultimate weapon! XD
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Nooo!!! Anything but advance math! It's overpowering my brain.

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