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Dead's Sign

When a man is born, his death is born with him.
Like a man changes as he grows, death has different form for each of us.

They choose the time and way of death depending on their taste and preference.
Death is special, every single one of them.

My Death was a kind one. Heart attack isn't really a bad choice.
Except he was an asshole who leaves X mark on my eyes.



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Some say that death is like the wind. You rest unconsciously as your precious fiery soul ejects from the body. Then you are drifting away to wherever the wind takes you. You might end up in heaven or somewhere else. The only punishment is getting lost, but souls can find their way back.

But I rather be drifting away continuously, eternally sleeping until someone catches my slumbering body. Who's this someone?

The person I deeply trust.

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Be happy, mine drew a dick on my forehead
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Uuuh rood y' know? :unimpressed: revamp

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A death apropiate for a cartoonist

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That's not so bad indeed. I like this concept.

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All you can do is smile back.

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He looks awesome though.

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what happens to death now though? where's he go? is there an entire socieity of these now homeless deaths D:

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Each death has its own death, who also has a death, and so on

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Do you have, like, a muse locked in your attic that keeps giving you these ideas?

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The malachite design is so cool, I love it

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