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I really love your art.

Your stories awaken... things, buried deep in my mind. Your beautiful lines, your vibrant colors gives substance to them. Flesh. Sustenance for my hunger for lore from the beyond.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

You're not outdated. Never where.

I got recommended to you by SubversiveX, and I can look at your art for hours- your pages and your panels are just phenomenal!! Your line art and color choices are beautiful!!! I really love your style and I'm posting this comment on your profile instead of any specific page just because I legitimately cannot choose- even while I'm writing this I'm staring at your featured gallery. I love your page composition- I hope you have a good day!

Creative fun! I enjoy your work

you are definitely underated with the art you art. I am captive to it. this is poetry that is in levels mashup in one, truly mastery and unravel it lingers with meaning that makes sense to my lost well done!!

you're cool! love your style!

Hello there sir! I am wondering if you would be open for commissions for a little project of mine? PM me your prices if you are? Thank you so much! Your art is amazing!

hey just wanted to say that all of your work so far has been amazing and even though I can't add them to my favorites due to the deviantart algorithm, they will always have a place there in my heart.