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By ashpash
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Michele Parry.
Melbourne, Australia.
Web Designer.

Poser 4,
Bryce 5,
Photoshop CS,
Millenium Girls (Pre Teen)
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WolfBlass's avatar
This is brilliant! I love the detail in this picture! Definitely a favorite :#1:

What did you export the figure in poser as? I've tried to export my poser figures into bryce as .obj files, but the textures for the eyes don't show...

Anyway, fantastic work!
Sorry I havent replied sooner....oops! I export the figure from Poser as an .obj but you do have to manually fix a few things, which is a bit of a pain but I find I get better lighting in Bryce.
WolfBlass's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I find Bryce has much better for lighting. I'm relatively knew at using Bryce and Poser (normally code web applications), but one day (in, say ten years) I hope to be as good as you! :)
Naru-Naru's avatar
Omg I really love this picture. Its just so beautiful...
darkchild90's avatar
I added this to my fav!
darkchild90's avatar
wow! that like it! mom would like it!!!!!
PandoraGloom's avatar
wow! all those details, amazing
KikuScissorhands's avatar
I like the colors you used. ^_^
sezibie's avatar
I love this
how does the fairy breathe? O.o
darkreaperkuroi's avatar
wow... so cool... wish I could do 3D... too bad I don't have the time and software...><;
guyauthor's avatar
WOW x 100000

That's beautiful
angeleyes25's avatar
Love it. so magical! :aww:
Fortapelse's avatar
ooooooooo, pretty. kinda reminds me of Kaska and Puck from the anime *well, the game at least* Sword of the Berserk. really great work this is. I envy you're skills :)
H--O--H's avatar
beautiful! :D I love the variety of flowers...but I most like the wings...they're gorgeous, this is now my desktop :3
YayKittie's avatar
I love the little details in the grass and flowers. Must have taken awhile.
Simply wonderful.
Rurouni-Dreamer's avatar
Skill>supreme. Very fine indeed.
aladhan's avatar
Amazingly good expression in the girl's face. Congratulations.
evilchaos's avatar
Oh wow... that's stunning, I can't think of any better way to say it than that. :)
that is nothing short of breathtaking. amazing. really.
strepsil's avatar
I'm not sure if it's been said already, but her hair is breaking the barriers of physics!
Nontheless, this is lovely :)
southtexasartdog's avatar
there's a lot going on in this and yet it's simple...very effective :)
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