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Sea Of Dreams

Copyrighted by AshnoAlice
Licensed and Commissioned by Astramus
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Hardware: Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Bullet; Red Watercolor brush
Bullet; Green Soft Round Pressure Opacity
Bullet; Pink Customized particles, texture, & water reflection brushes
Original resolution: 13228 x 7441
A commissioned work for :iconastramus: Astramus
It's been a pleasure working with them :) (Smile)

A fun piece to paint because it involves with color spectrum I love!
I made the sky a bit wavy to represent the "sea" feeling and add a bit of diagonal lines on the left side to neutralize all those wavy vibe.

The print is available on (Switzerland local print store)
PS: Please don't change, use, or distribute my artworks without my permission ^^
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Beautiful piece of work. :heart:

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You have nice art this one is so beautiful

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This is beyond beautiful. I always find that when someone can manage to pull off doing art in this style it is almost like witchcraft. The skies are so vivid and beautiful beyond words. It is like some crazy combination of a mushroom trip and a dream. I have tried so many times to figure out how to accomplish this exact look in some of my own art, and have never got close. I always admire so much when I see someone who can do it as flawless as you.

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Wonderful work! =D

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Damn, these colors are beautiful! :wow:

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HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING, i always love how you manage to make bright drawings without making it eyebleeding but this is another level of majestic

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Thank you for you kind words :heart: I really appreciate it :hug:

The client's direction was pretty clear and spot on, like what kind of feeling they want on the picture, etc stuff like that. Those kind of information really helps me to visualize what they imagine & want.

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This is so pretty! I love the colors and the ripples in the water

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Beautiful Work

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Nice work! Congratulations:)

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Amazing work. :clap:

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I love the variety of colours and how bright and vivid they are!
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He was sent to get fish....

he came back with a lion

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This is sooo beautiful !

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This rly makes me think how many possibilities you have if you follow your dreams. one might follow them but they won't know were the adventure will take them cause the sea can give you a smooth or very stormy ride sometimes. 🤔🥰

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This art, make me wonder too... Nice artt
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Jumping Fire Unicorn Çok güzel olmuş!

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What a beautiful drawing!
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