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Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Hardware: Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Bullet; Pink Customized leaves and dry brushes
Bullet; Blue Soft round pressure opacity for lighting
Original resolution: 12000 x 6000
I'm in a dilemma whether to tell you the meaning of this piece or not because that means I'll spoil the fun 😖.
Hint: Every object and color in this piece is symbolized the growth within ourselves.

PS: Please don't change, use, or distribute my artworks without my permission ^^
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Very mesmerizing piece. I love it!

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Thank you! :hug:

I'm really glad you love it! :heart::heart::heart:

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The meaning is that every experience and everything that's happening in life is one of this colours, sad thoughts and things are in cold colours and warm nice and heartwarming are in warm colours. The doors could represent pushing your limits and discovering new things, like doors Into something new, and all of that combine into tree, that is build on our experiences thoughts feelings and so on. Into soul of person. Did I get it?

AshnoAlice's avatar

Yes! You're right! :D

Colours represent emotions we have felt, sad, angry, calm, happy, etc. Doors symbolize new things you'd like to discover and past memories you'd like to reminisce.

Tree represents the accumulation of all those experiences.

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Completely eye-catching and breathtaking!

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This looks gorgeous! Love the colors, love the idea :D

max-boy-1991's avatar

A real pleasure for the eyes this piece is, good work as always buddy!

AshnoAlice's avatar

Thank you very much as always~ :hug:

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its fantastic. those color combination is marvelous. the composition and gradation i love it

AshnoAlice's avatar

Thank you so much!!! :D

I was experimenting color combination besides blueish & violet and using warm tones instead. Glad It turned out really well.

fireytika's avatar

i'm glad you did it. the warm tones really stand out, but also blending so well with the surrounding XD

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You are welcome :wave:
CJFrostthorn's avatar

That's incredible! Looks so astonishingly peaceful! And gosh, such a magical usage of glow <3 I absolutely love the colours!

AshnoAlice's avatar

Thank you so much! :D

I also love those color schemes :heart: :heart: :heart: So many warm tones but still calm as well.

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