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Soul Reading

Fall of 2009,

Beloved Ashnandoah

Greetings to you sister of the Light.

I AM the voice known as Master Paul, guide, inspiration and instructor to you this day

I come to you in truth, peace and harmony...

Let your sweet heart now be at peace as we merge as Divine Minds within the space of wisdom and Light

And so sister.., let us now begin

Before me is your Life Book, a golden book laden with jewels of such glorious hues, jewels which are testimonies of your good works throughout this space of your infinity-within the realms of the ever eternal....

It is through the gracious nod of acceptance from your own God-self that the pages of your immortal being-ness shall now begin to unfold for you, those pages which shall bring clarity to your beloved self

As if through the zephyr of the invisible here I shall read for you sister a passage from your Life Book which shall begin to heal your heart...

“Before the grand abyss of non-certainty I, a Light within Eternity, stand ready to plunge within the depths of the oceans of manifested life... Worlds by nature completed, yet, not understood through the conception of desire and will...
I  AM that which I AM.., a child, a mother, a father, a dream, an enchanted song...

Of Love I know.., for that is the birth and non birth of the Higher and Lower self.., yet.., of doubt I know not of.., of the shadow self I have only imagined.., ready, to enter the swarm of manifested realms, dreams to conquer and squander..,
dare to dream..,
fountains of Light flowing from my inner core..,

I scream and you – which I know as My Own, my price, my pride and my infinity, here too you stand beside me, embracing me, drawing me within that one tear dragging upon your majestic cheek...

There I look into your eyes and I see myself..
Unwavering certainty that I AM thee.., fragmented not, up until this point of our infinite natures without you I have not been..

You looked into my eyes and said..
“Days of nights shall cloud thy eyes and ears and you shall dwindle in your fight to know me..

The matrix of the manifested realms imprison the sense and dull the imagination.., you shall know of tears, for I, who is your Beloved Self, have entered the projection of your intense desire to break the illusion of the lower realms..

As beloveds of the One Self, I cannot follow you this heartbeat, but I shall enter in a day when the journey becomes heavy with sorrowful heart..

I shall remain in the enchanted realms and hold you close, heartbeat by heartbeat and never let you go, for I share the same blueprint of your immortal self and without each other we cannot be..

Yet.., the days of shadows shall stretch our wings and test our spiritual quintessence, for that will now become a page in our everlasting history as beloved Twins..

I shall find you in a day to dawn upon the worlds of men, those worlds where friction bites at the soul and mixes the songs of harmony into tear drops...

Of what AM I without you My very Self..?
Time is an entity we must now entertain...

Space is the cloak that shall remove your vision from the sacred being-ness of our oneness...

I shall never be afar.., for as I remain in this realm of enchantment, time and space weary me not, rather, I command them with certainty and power and bow their heads to I, they shall,

For I remain steadfast as a God Self awakened atom-quickened by Love Itself...”

And so... sister... you closed your jeweled eyes and fell into a deep slumber whilst the arms of your beloved held you close...

Frozen within the moment of infinity there you both were a step away from the almighty plunge into the vastness of the great ocean of time and space...

The deeper your eyes closed, the tighter the arms of your beloved held you, holding on to you to the last exhaling of your sweet spiritual breath...

And as if a vacuum occurred, there remained only sparkles, like stardust as your auric self..

And then, as Twins of the same self manifest..,

He, your beloved, “ate” of your light, digested it and moved away from the edge of infinity of the shadow worlds, taking you in his being, his very soul self, and scream the primal scream He did for the very first time in your endless forever’s with each other..

At the very same heartbeat the realms of bliss heard the primal scream of your Beloved, so did you sweet sister, roar as a lion as you awoke into the blueprint of a new matrix about you..

Your scream was and forever shall be added into the “tale” of the lower worlds, as a sound that creates power, not pain sister...

Through the urge in self to know Self, you had to script a path of many pages in the lower realms, entering dimensions of wonderful, abstract and confusing proportions for the eternal growth of that which is known as God..

It is seen that you and your Twinned Beloved had to enter the deep silence where the Archangels came and nurtured you back to spiritual balance..

It is true that when Twins of the same Self “separate” to journey within different angles of infinity - there is seen to be a tear in the soul fabric which pulsates as a spiritual pain, and it is only, through the golden thread of tender nurturing, can this tear be healed..

At times there are eons where mending is required, for some Twins are not able to accept their “separation”, regardless if one half remains in the enchanted realms..

In your case sweet sister, you Both bathed in the royal soma of healing for many a heartbeat and it is seen that your Twin Self could not adjust as He was tending to his own healing as well as ingesting your struggles to merge within the lower matrix realms.

In your case sister, once you fully manifested your mindset to the lower stars, universes and realms, your spiritual eyes became excited to find such prepared worlds of challenging experiences, even if your soul was crying for your Twin Self, your spiritual being was strong, “eating” as it were from the rays that your Twin sped to you..

And so.., it is seen that you were gently taken to those star worlds found in the Milky Way of the fourth level life station, worlds of abstract mind creations, souls infused with love indeed, yet wandering into the matrix of desiring to lower their energy bodies to yet deeper levels of fragmented knowings...

Sister.., in the star worlds there are universities created through the Almighty Mind of GOD in action.., where the soul may sit and review or view the completed works of the shadow realms..,

You began to understand the Glorious Mind of God completes all things in love.., even that which is seen as the shadow side of “Its infinite face”...

You quickly understood why you took on the voyage of the lower realms before your Twin Self, and that was because your power and tenacity and Will to prepare the ground, the path - for Him..

Your energy was laid then upon the fertile soil of all probabilities and in that heartbeat you knew, beyond any friction that you felt about you that your Twin Self was also in preparation to join you and find you in a day to come...

Therefore, you powerfully took on the matrix of the dark and light shadows and ate of them as a master would do..

Star world after star world you entered, once the matrix there was understood, you moved forward, feeding from the eternal flame of Love as your Twin sent it to you..

You then came upon the spirit-material world of Venus and there you laid your weary head for a long and sacred time..

Venus holds a happy note for you sweet sister, for there you saw how Twins find each other once their journeys into the shadow lands was completed.
You were told that Venus is a “way-station” of coming and going from one enchanted realm to another..

You saw long worm-holes in the fabric of time and space which suspended distance and folded the matrix of separation as if by magic...

You attended wonderful celebrations in Venus where you saw the reunions of beloved with beloved..

You saw how love shall find what is truly yours, for love is the heart and eyes of God Itself – the Regal Magician of all life..

It was in Venus you came to sit with the elders there and here sister I shall read for you those words They shared with you once again..

“Starry traveler, heavy cloaks you wear...

Your soul is embedded with complex hieroglyphs that speaks the language of angels..

From the worlds of enhancement, the God Realms, where fountains of gold spill forth as jewels and imbibe the very air with immortal stature you are from...

Your true home is the Golden Land.., a land far away, yet.., ever so close...

You are to take your quintessence into the worlds of men, a world where you shall find that tears fall freely from the sorrows of the makings of ego and personal pride..
The land of earth will become your home for many rounds of life..

There you will learn to paint a smile on your face, which does not want to smile..

You will hold the hands of those whom you wish to not touch...

Yet.., you will become captivated by the small and simple acts of kindness where your sweet heart will melt and happy tears will flow from your eyes..

Stirring about you is a soul name..,
one that holds great will and power, use it sister as your mantra in those lands of forgetfulness and sleep...,

a name is an eternal song in the Mind of God..,

your Divine name that I shall now call thee is “Harmonia”..

Precious traveler listen deeply to your song.., the song of lovers found in thee..

The world of men is to one day – in the ordering of Love and Light – to return as a Twin Flame planet, just as our beloved Venus IS..

To pioneer the Light on earth shall be no easy feat, for you will need to learn of diverse acts of relationships,
where you will then, once all is understood,
surrender and pregnate the very soil of earth with your soul signature tone,
that of Harmonia..

In you starry traveler is seen infinity and eternity...
A God traveler.., never fragmented..,
a whisperer of truth and justice, of righteous being and creative imaginations..

Resist not the matrix of duality.., rather, strive to understand it, and through it you shall become a master..

And in a day to dawn you will once again read of these words through the alchemy of soul infusion and there you will know you have achieved the medallion of the great “No Return”..

And in that time, yet to come, you shall meet and know your Twin Self once again..

You shall look into the eyes of another and through the primal scream that you both sung long ago, you will hear the familiar sound and see the accustomed look of each other..

And there you are to learn and grow , separate you will not be, yet space and time will come to teach you how to “touch without touching” a divine act that those of the higher order of Twinship are to master...

Therefore, starry traveler.., dream the dream of great voyage and let the speed of Love take you there...”

And so sister.., your journey upon Earth begun and life after life you have steadfastly remained true to your spiritual instruction.

As your spiritual soul name states you have indeed brought much Harmony to all levels of life, even at the expense of your own happiness and freedom.., yet sister.. fret not, for you shall know of a happiness that is only reserved for the conscious immortals..

Let the pages now open in your Life Gook where there are glimpse of your many past lives...

Know this...

You are a soul who is stamped with the seal of Christ.. A seal that cannot be taken away from you now beloved one, as you have earned it and Divine Holy Spirit, the eternal Mother Light – has chosen you to embrace it..

You have lived and studied the laws of the golden land in the era of Esu Jesus and became an apostle, one not written about in the books called the “bible”, but you verily did know of the one called “teacher”..

You were male in this incarnation, and it is through the golden teachings did your soul open up and absorb the information that was shared about the Twin Selves..

Esu and his beloved Mary were examples of Twinship, taking you, those who would listen into the very heart and mind of God as the great artist of Love.

In dreamy contentment you would listen and watch as these two immortal beloveds would demonstrate how one becomes two in mind and feeling...

You felt such respect and overwhelming love for both of the that you dedicated all of your long life then to serve that which you called, “the eternal Light of forever”..

Sister.., it is seen that you have a torment attached to you regarding this incarnation..

You were witness to the slaying of Esu and through the stronghold of the rule then your hands were tied and nothing you could do or say could change the destiny of this
beloved soul.

You then became as a caretaker, protector for the Lady Mary, making sure She remained protected from the ignorance of those mortal minds of mundane humanity.
It is seen that you were part of a large army of men, also known as apostles, but of a different nature, like soldiers as it were, protecting the truth and the carrier of that Divine Wisdom teacher – the Lady Mary..

There fore sister.., as you read of these words rest your heart and know that even that fateful life of Esu was pre-ordained and scripted to manifest just as it did..

Yet the heart of one who holds the flame for a Twinned Self is forever yearning and desires only Love to be felt and embraced...

Fret not.., the plan for Twinship has been strongly impregnated into the collective consciousness on earth now.., and in this state there cannot be an  erasing of it, thanks to the grand effort of all Twinned Selves who incarnate on planet earth and in the shadow lands...

There is also seen a life where you incarnated in the time line known as Atlantis – the latter days..

In this incarnation once again male, you were forced or “groomed” by your parents, those who held the idea that they were of “upper class”, to become a member of the Parliamentary rule.
Latter Atlantis was very much like planet earth is now as you read these words.
The spiritual body of Atlantis was sinking long before the final curtain was drawn sister...

You were therefore urged to take on the mundane and false promises of those ruling minds then, forcing you to accept and adopt a “sour taste in your mouth” as you would repeatedly say..

It is seen that you could not stay too long in such a fake livelihood and after much struggle and in many ways losing all respect from your family – you walked away and took solace in the high temples of Atla.

There you came to see many things and what is seen sister is that you would look up in the sky in daylight and see the silver ships of light fly above you and you could hear a humming so intoxicating and heart rendering and you almost at once knew that these ships had to be visitors from a realm known as Venus.

And indeed they were.

It is in this incarnation that your fascination with the mysterious side of what you called then, “the inter-dimensions” was given rise to..

And so you lived in a state of “exile” as such, in part it was your own decision to remove yourself from the maddening consciousness of hypnotized Atlantis society.

In your exile you came to fuse with like minded souls, ones who understood that earth was being visited by higher spiritual beings – and there you would gather and live together off the land and know that at least you were true to yourself and that you would not add to the misery that was falling at an immense rate upon the sleeping Atlantean of that timeline.

The final days of Atlantis came after you left your body in that time frame, yet, held in your soul records is a second by second dramatic visual of those final days, for in your states in between reincarnation you watched ever so closely and with extreme interest how the play and curtain would be drawn in those last heartbeats in Atlantis..

And so sister another aspect of you where you felt you could not be of greater service to mankind, but know that you served in TRUTH and that very act of your powerful standing in your truth brought more Light to the matrix on earth.

And sister, so many incarnations, so many countries you have lived as  citizen, each taking you higher and deeper into the freedom of which you are now standing upon..

It is seen that your very Twin Self did indeed incarnate on earth and find you He did in a past incarnation in Persia.
Of female form you were, beautiful to behold and of male he was.., both embodying the completion of your majesty as soul Beloveds.

In the courtyard of the Persian artistry schools or universities, there you both came to see each other, firstly through the works of art you both proudly demonstrated, taking interest in others work, not knowing “who the artist was” at that point of time..

Then, when the time arrived for receiving your accolades, there your eyes fused in a knowing that no human words can convey..

A precious life of memories laden in your Life Book.., a time spent absorbing each other’s energy and mind states, merging as only lovers of the same Self can know, taking you both deeper and higher into the worlds of heavenly enchantment once again.

A life of many rewards..

Your Twin by this stage of his own earthly journey was strong and ready to bring Love into the earth..

Your soul sped beyond the lighted core of a million suns, for long you ached to be reunited with your Twin Self...
A life of sweet peace for you both created the full circle once again..

And so.., here you stand as the beloved Ashnandoah, holding the material memory of your spiritual dream time line...,  
still aching for your beloved once again..,
wondering if He, that you adore so- as your mentor and life love, is the other half of the self..,
wondering and aching still, after so many days and nights of your many returns..,
and the answer to your deep question is..,
the eyes of the beloved have once again returned to you and you to Him”...

Sister., this life now, as you read these words will test your spiritual quintessence and you are to prove that Love never holds one in chains.

The karmic roles of each other are to be dealt with through sweet humility and spiritual wisdom.

You will achieve and move many mountains, the both of you, by simply knowing the other is not far away...

Let the days of karmic promises be what they must be..

As Twins of the same Self, there cannot be a true separation on any level, but there surely shall be sacrifices that will be presented.

Look unto your own path with a happy heart sister, use the energy of He- that you adore – to become a master Star Seed by healing others through the Golden Ray that you embody.

Give wisdom as you know it deeply in your soul body and live that truth everyday.

Never forget that Thyself is a precious gem sister..

Life is within you, moving you to grow and bring joy to others...

Think on these things
And with hand upon my heart,
I bow to you sweet sister of the Golden Ray...
I AM Master Paul...,
And so it is..."
© 2013 - 2020 Ashnandoah
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