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I was up untill 2:00 working on this, dont know what the hell it is, just an acedent. Sharpe, little bic, acrylic.
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the work you do with acrylic is so cool. damn this is very interesting reminds me of star wars.
Eye [link]
Eye [link]
Fella Roll Eyes =) (Smile) =D (Big Grin) Fella
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Yep, it's a fav :) (Smile)

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The texture of it is so awesome, man...
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coolest you've submitted in a while, very "neat" :) (Smile)
Me likes.
My compliments.
Your honour.
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Looks cool. Good mix of styles. Like it alot, shame it's not bigger.
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This belongs in a 'real' art gallery.
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Ooooh... I like this one too!
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real good work! strong brushstrokes and a good composition.
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Wow, I really love the lighting on this, specifically the headgear. The colors really kick ass too. The eyes are really cool too, hell the whole damn piece is just terrific. Thumbs Up !!!!
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Very fine work!! I love the traditional media!!

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Lovely. My taste of colors. :) (Smile)
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the robot looks like hes had one too many cans of WD40(metal lubricant)

very nicely done mate.

adds to favs!!
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that's leet!
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one word. "awesome" :-) (Smile)
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sobject is no good...
graphics is very good
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very nice
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... that's some sinister shit; the headgear is just out of this world, and the fact that this character seems to be missing the lower half of his face is just plain creepy, which is why I like it...
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