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:pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase
A Weekly Photography Feature

Each week I'll be doing a feature of photos, Photography articles, and Events/contests that are going on in the community.  If you have anything you need promoted please send me a note and it will be included in the feature! (I'm also looking for someone who is good with making logos or CSS! Would love to have a new journal for this article. Note me if interested!)

Balls of November by bebefromtheblock :thumb275795563: time by garrit
Looking for Satellites by Kapselfabrik Deadly Sorrow by Lady-Schnaps :thumb281179410:
Twins by Lovepanda29
.abandoned farmhouse 02. by elementalunacy CervenaFox-face by tmronin White Lipped Green Frog by 2Stupid2Duck
Lights, Camera, ACTION by Eissacholland
I have you now by Eissacholland :thumb209684892: how to name that uh give me a second by mariv
the rhythm of my heart. by imnotsana
Blankets of fresh warm leaves by TheSpenner The King by Kendra-Paige
time_is_up by marymarycherry
Anime Conji 2011 Party by SebastianJespersen White shoes by PhilVisionHD Matches by Wauki
Silver by TheOtherWeasley
Hiding Place by EvilxElf If you're happy and you know it by StrandyBliss The Valley by Strutty91
winter tale by kanata91
Standards Of Life by NadavYacobiPhotos Gribbet by bexa Unwinding by ScarletWarmth
Glitter by nikosalpha
a girl and her horse by LyraWhite The rest by nnoik body and pear by nnoik
reflection by nnoik
dinner for everyone by nnoik it's been a while by Rona-Keller dreams by greenaholic-artworks

Events and promotions for this week!

:bulletpink: photohunt is having a chat event on Saturday, January 12th. It will be held in the #Photohunt chatroom on dAmn.
If you have a digital camera and some free time I HIGHLY recomend you take a shot at this game. You are given a topic and have 20 minutes to shoot

it, edit and upload it. Once the time is up you thumb your photo in the chatroom and the best photo wins!

For more info please check out This Journal

:bulletpink: Good-Intention is holding a contest called "Feedback for Favorites" -

The Mission:
To leave Comments, Feedback, and Critiques on Deviations in your Favorites Collection.
Go through your Favorites Gallery, and comment on the deviations you find there that you did not leave a comment on. You may also add a Critique on

deviations that have the option available. All comments are meant to be encouraging and constructive, as the point of this contest is to create

feedback where there previously was none. Feel free to merely express your enjoyment for the piece, as knowing that an artist's work is appreciated

is another wonderful way to add some positivity.

For more info on this contest please read This Journal

Photography Related News Articles!

:camera: Thoughts about Photography - Part 1 By Lintu47

:camera: Do you have Questions Concerning Photography? By OliviaMichalski

:camera: Photography Fortnightly: Edition Fifty By Kaz-D  <---- One of my FAVORITE weekly articles :heart:

:camera: A History of Photography (mostly) By Kaz-D

:camera: #Photohunt Chat Event! By photohunt

and AshleyxBrooke

Groups to check out!


Have something photography related you'd like promoted? Please note me and it will be added to next weeks article! (Can be an article,contest, or group )

:heart: AshleyxBrooke
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