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USS Aries Briefing Room

Lt. Commander Thelev zh'Ramai is beginning to regret her choice of joining such a mixed crew in such small quarters as her Tellarite officer, Ensign Tiv and her Vulcan officer, Ensign T'Vai continue a bit of a verbal sparring match going way beyond traditional Tellarite insults.  She was certain the throbbing she was feeling around her antennae was going to be a full on migraine and she was definitely stopping by Sickbay before she hit her quarters.


The USS Aries Briefing Room was pretty standard in set-up and layout for the era with a few updates in seating and the control table at the heart of the room that would carry over into the later refits and new builds in the 2270s. In the mid-2260s though, this was absolutely the style.

The Briefing Room main set, much like on Stage 9, is getting re-dressed as the mess hall and crew lounge on the Aries. I'll be swapping out furniture and walls to accommodate each room as well as changing out the coloring for the braces and ceiling to evoke a different mood.
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Shes pretty tall for a Tellerite
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I went with one of the Memory Beta write-ups for them. Average Tellarite female on the entry was 2.2m and the men were 1.7 or 1.8m I think. 
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the chairs seem small for that Tellarite. 
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one of the things they're arguing over. ;)
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lol, also the Andorian seem like she going kill them both.
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The XO does have that option lol

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oh, Glad I'm not working on that ship.
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What happens in the Triangle, well it gets reported to Starfleet Intelligence, but we know how well they operate so....

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