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Transporter Room Revamp 2017 - D3

By ashleytinger
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View from the Destroyer's transporter staging area looking back at the main console. Exit is in the far right, to the left is the buffer section. The room is, I think completed, except for corridor signage, and maybe one of the transporter instruction signs. I haven't done up controls for the buffer room or auxiliary control but I wasn't planning on using them anytime soon either.  May still whip them up once I get Photoshop open for the signs. Trying to decide on signage type, either the original series font or go like I did with the other corridor signs I made before. Ugh... choices. 

Built in Truespace 3

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.9 with iRay

Uzilite STO14 TOSReboot uTNA textures by RSchulte
Rank and combadges by RSchulte
V4 from DAZ
New Adventure Uniforms by Uzilite
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ShadowhawkOneHobbyist Digital Artist
Looking good and as far as signage I would keep it uniform just for continuity.
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ashleytingerHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm keeping the iconography of it, but changed a few things, nothing major, like fonts and instead of the TMP direction arrow it's the Defiant symbol pointing the way. Other than that the signage is almost identical. I've got a few renders put together to show it off. Even threw in the no-smoking sign from Star Trek II and IV ;)
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ShadowhawkOneHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah OK that makes sense, I am looking forward to seeing it. No Smoking signs huh? Now that's a good one!
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ashleytingerHobbyist Digital Artist
lol yup. It's a legit sign they had up on the wall in the transporter room and the bridge simulator corridor ;)