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TOS Stateroom WIP 02

I decided, while I was waiting on this stupid cobbled together hunk of junk PC at work to upgrade it's OS, to do something productive, and worked on the kitchen area for the VIP Stateroom. The shelves are based off the ones in McCoy's office in TOS, the nook shelf, well that I built to fit in the nook :P, and the Food Synthesizer is a standalone that's going to ape a few ideas from Discovery but be far more TOS like. I have no idea what that thing is going to be hanging off the ceiling, but I just hated the ceiling being bare there so I took part of the Food Synthesizer and flipped it on the ceiling. It may never get any more detail than what it has. We are on a budget here people. 

Built in Truespace 3.2 
Collab with PDSmith 
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now that's way better than you first described.  I like it.
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There's a reason I'm into art and not prose LOL