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Phase II Civilian Uniforms

Ashley and her friend Kori have been kind enough to model some uniforms they'll be wearing later on (if I ever commit to that other story I was thinking of).

Inspired by the civilian uniforms we saw the Regula scientists wearing, I've re-colored the Phase II casual uniforms with one or two modifications. I'm still considering modifying the Perscan to more resemble whatever it was on their chests on Regula, but this is supposed to also be something like 15 years before Wrath of Khan, so there is that. It comes in tan (Carol Marcus), deep brown (one of the other scientists), and this kind of almost grey but not quite deep green (David Marcus jumpsuit from later in the film).

I do need to adjust the displacement maps because it's still raising the shoulders a bit for the rank pips, But I like the effect. You can also identify them easily as non-Fleet personnel just by looking at them walking down the hall. 

Set Built in TrueSpace 3.2
G3 figure bases from DAZ
Uniforms built on Courageous for V4

EDIT: Modified the brightness on the original render. It was too dark on my other screens. Time to adjust my brightness settings again. 
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I felt they did not get enough air time, wish phase ii would have happed. That said, damn good job here, love the Andorian and her outfit!!
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When your entire cast hates the bulk of the uniform designs though, you go with something else ;)

And thank you!
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True, they referred to them as 'penguin' suits  
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I can totally see that. 
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I didn't even realize you're doing the design work of the uniforms too...more incredible work!! Do you basically do the whole design of them from scratch, or use blank texture templates where the structure is already modeled? (sorry I'm not familiar with what Courageous for V4 is, I just know V4 was an old model used in Daz/Poser...haven't done anything with V4 myself)
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Thanks!  I did start with a template but ended up crafting my own based off that template.  After I got a basic template down for the 3 Phase II uniform types (casual uniform, dress uniform, duty uniform) I've gone to town making all the ranks and versions I can. I'm slowly working on the male version for M4 Valiant (the equivalent of Courageous for V4) but the shoulders are harder to match up on the Valiant, making the Casual and Dress templates harder to complete.

As far as why I'm using the Courageous/Valiant, some very enterprising individual realized with careful texture cropping they could take this… and turn it into a female Starfleet uniform of which it's been everything from the Pike era uniforms (circa 2254) all the way through TNG (2360-70s) and even beyond that. The only parts that get used off Courageous are the tunic, the pants and the boots. I did start off with a pattern from… with the tunic, but I've since modified way beyond where it started off as the TMP uniform pictured off the link. 

V4 is an older character mesh but one that got a LOT of mileage of use out of her. I'm using G3 just because I have most of the sets for that mesh in both male and female and my V4 and M4 resources aren't nearly as good. 

I think that covers it all for now anyway lol
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Regula-station-insignia1 by JBogguess  
How's that? 

Edit: Noticed a few details that could be added at the last minute in the central oval.
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That actually works pretty well. Much better than I was coming up with lol. 

So, you think instead of the perscan along the belt, or on the opposite side of the chest like in Wrath of Khan, or in place of the Starfleet badge?
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Since they are of the science branch, then I would say that is a genuine badge with multi-functions when utilized within their own facilities. It seems to indicate position with materials containing actual transponder tech.

However for balance purposes, I would say that when a civilian science liaison is assigned aboard a Star Fleet vessel, station, or shoreside facility they would also be assigned a PerScan unit for internal command intelligence tracking purposes. Also, that might put the Personnel Officer at ease if he/she knows where the heck those eggheads are aboard ship haha.
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Ok, so I'm right on the money for now. :)  
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47234135 1 X by JBogguess Regula-1-uniform by JBogguess  
Here is the actual real-deal as auctioned. The white portion seems to be an overlaying smock. I am sketching up the insignia badge as we speak. May be useful :) 
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If you can figure out what the details stood for even better :)
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There we go! I think you've nailed the civi-sci TWoK colors on the head. This will work nicely for Federation science specialists not assigned to the fleet but may still be aboard ship or shoreside in liason fashion. I will search around and see if that chest insignia has been duplicated somewhere.
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I know there are variants to it because the one David has doesn't match Carol's or the others, but there's no real details about it anywhere. That and to be honest, with all the neat streamlining they did everywhere, it looks tacked on and hideous. LOL  So if we can find a version or create one that's not completely and totally an eyesore i'd love it. ;)  I kind of thought they were the Civilian version of the Perscan, something that they would where so the station could monitor them, but David has one when he's attached to Grissom as well. Same detailing as the WoK version too. 
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Wow I haven't seen the old uniforms like that in a long time. Most everyone likes to pretend they never existed. Nice work!
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Thanks!  I don't necessarily hate the TMP uniforms, just always thought they were bland and lifeless.  JBogguess work on a Phase II project caught my eye and I really liked what he did with the uniforms and I've been slowly incorporating that Phase II aesthetic into a lot of my stuff especially since it directly reflects the time period I wanted to set my work anyway. :)
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