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Liberty Class - WIP Size Comparison

Did this up real quick. Both ships are a work in progress, obviously. This kind of gives you a size comparison of the Liberty to other Starfleet ships, in this case, the Galaxy Class. 

The Liberty could actually fly right between the neck of the secondary hull and the warp nacelle and still have plenty of clearance. The reason parts of the Galaxy didn't render on this is that I hit the draw distance limit in Truespace. I'm working with real sizes, not scaled down ones at the moment. 

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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WOW that is really looking awesome! I can't wait to see more of her.
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Thanks! Which one? ;)
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They both look amazing and hope to see them both made available by you in the future but I was talking about your current project at the moment. The scout ship is really coming along nice and it nice to see the size comparison against other starfleet vessels
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Ahh ok. Yeah the Galaxy is a ways off at this point. lol

Scout ship I'm guestimating at least 2 months to completion at the rate I've managed. Depends on my workload at the day job and at our old house. 
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Yeah I can certainly sympathize with workloads. You have done a really amazing job on it and be proud of it.
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We'll see what people say when I break the mold and don't include a centralized warp core. ;)

I mean we never saw one in TOS and they basically referred to all that magic happening in the nacelles, so I'm kind of adopting that mentality to the Liberty. Each nacelle is going to have its own reaction chamber and the option to deliver warp power to the ship, and of course the deuterium will come from storage tanks on the ship, but the anti-matter will be housed in the nacelles.

Her transwarp refit will cram a warp core inside (well something like it anyway), but until then.. mwa ha ha ha. 
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Your liberty looks a little like a Hyperion class ship.  So, it might have a reaction "bottle" mounted near the point where the pylons meet the top of the engineering hull.  

I suppose in Trek lore, the Constitution class was supposed to have that vertical shaft like you see in TMP and later shows, even in TOS.  But the set had that metal grating viewport showing a space which looked an awful lot like it could be that bottle.  

Who knows. 

Either way, I really like both your Liberty and the Galaxy behind it.  
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I hadn't actually seen the Hyperion before, or if I had I'd forgotten about it. 

That is an idea with the reaction there. I'll consider it as I'm building out the warp nacelles. :)

Yeah they kind of made it canon in 'In a Mirror Darkly' with the MSD of the Defiant, but we never really saw anything like that on screen in TOS. I always assumed that was some kind of reaction or power transfer chamber in engineering but they were gleefully non-committal about ship mechanics in TOS, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

And thanks!  Hope to have more of her detailed to show off soon!
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Those sound like awesome ideas! I love that you are taking stuff outside the so called canon. I think that its the fans that truly make Star trek great by doing this. It may have been G.R.'s idea but the fans are the ones keeping it alive and driving it into the future as current technology advances.

I can't wait to see more.
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I've got the windows in the saucer carved up. I'm cleaning up the room walls and I've got some furniture in the rooms too. Nothing too drastic, but if you get a glimpse from outside the ship even better. :)

And I totally agree with you on the fans and keeping it going.

I'll share more soon!
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Nice way to show the scale of the Civilian Ship.  I like the Big Blue one too.  I know its rough but it looks great too.
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Yeah I guess people were thinking she was much larger than she was so I figured why not drop a Galaxy class in next to her for scale. ;)  She's nowhere near as small as the Archer, but she's not huge either. 
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