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Liberty Class - Civilian Scout - Science Lab 01

Science lab is located on Deck 3 of the Liberty class. It's a room with options for the ship as it's a multi-purpose room and really depends on what you put into it. When a Liberty class is slated for construction, the default for this area is a Science Lab. It could also function as an observation deck. Most go for the Science Lab just to have that option when you're out in space on you're own and don't have back-up nearby.

This is the view looking into the forward window. More renders to come.

Rank and combadges by RSchulte
V4 and Genesis from DAZ
New Adventure Uniforms by Uzilite
TOSReboot Textures for UNA by RSchulte

Science Lab built in Truepace 3.1
Rendered with DAZ Studio 4.9 and iRay
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This is coming along nicely!
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Thank you!  I can't believe how much time I've sunk into this little ship already. 
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I was hoping it'd render up as nicely as I thought it would in DAZ and was pleasantly surprised on the first attempt. ;)  
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It looks Great.  Refined and very much in the spirit of Star Trek. 
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I'm using far more curves in my design than they did from season 3 on in Next Gen and the others though. Curves cost money!  Faking it using angled walls is cheap!  ;)

I'm definitely drawing more from the early TOS films for this though. It is a bit more refined. 
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