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Desilu Stage 9 TOS to Phase II - planning

I realized I'd done a lot with the TMP and TNG sets as far as the Paramount Stage 9 layouts went, but I hadn't toyed with the original Stage 9 (now Paramount Stage 31) from TOS much. This is me kind of hashing out ideas in Paint (this is by NO means me trying to make these even the least bit professional looking, just hashing ideas) a bit using the original Jefferies blueprints for Journey to Babel, hence some of the chicken scratch on there.

What I was thinking is what if the original series had been long running and they decided to update the sets a la Phase II/TMP but just built over the existing sets, kind of like what TNG did when they took over and built right over the TMP sets for TNG and then Voyager. I'm going to use a lot of the sets I've already built, the Bridge, Sickbay, Engineering, the Junior Officer's Quarter which I can put an addition on to make the Senior Officer's Quarters, the Briefing Room and the Transporter Room, plus the corridor pieces, and put it all together as one big set layout. I'll have it set to just have corridors and the other set pieces as optional load ins as well, I'm just kind of playing around at this point. 

This does mean carving up my Sickbay a bit and maybe modifying my briefing room and DEFINITELY a huge chunk of Engineering as I'll be taking it from a full three levels down to two plus a 'pit' for the warp core. I do need to make a 'lab' set and change things up. They kind of flipped the corridor for TMP and built things on the opposite side for the film there. 

The way this layout goes it gives them a little more corridor to play in but it eliminates the swing set area that they had for the Auxillary Control Room and a few others there. The idea was that by turning the bridge you could have the crew enter the lift and exit it into a ships corridor in one long take without heavy effects work, other than rotating the lift set to face the new door into the corridor. If we're going with the same two stages they used for TOS though, they would have Stage 32 right next door like they did for planets for swing sets so I may keep this idea. If we're talking traditional filming this would make filming some of the sets more difficult, but cameras got a lot smaller by that point in time anyway so it's all good. 
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