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Desilu Stage 9 TOS to Phase II Layout WIP 2

Despite shaving down several components to better match the curvature of the Desilu Stage 9 sets in Truespace, for some reason when I brought them back into DAZ, I'm still getting some curvature sway that I can't figure out. I'm guessing it's a sizing issue from the conversion to the import, but for right now, I'm ok with it. It still fits within Stage 9 and follows the general path, so it still tracks with my original thought that they could have built this over the top of the original sets. I did start on the 'outer' corridor that will attach to my Phase II bridge that would be for those long walk and talk shots that TNG loved so much. Only this time you could leave the bridge in a lift, the lift would rotate around with the actors in it, and they'd exit in a corridor where the camera could follow them wherever they were going in the saucer section. 

I did leave some open areas and 'wild' walls where they were in the TOS sets. Others are getting closed off, like in the living quarters, Engineering and the briefing room.  I haven't really figured out Sickbay yet other than I'm re-using a lot of components from my TMP set. I'm thinking that it should have a 'lobby' though instead of having people just go right into an exam area or the operating area. Privacy and sanitary reasons and all that. The TMP set KIND of had that but then had a door going to a corridor where the intensive care unit was.... yeah no. It is tight in that area though, so we'll see what I can do. 

This is kind of a neat exercise as they basically flipped the sets for TMP with a different curve, Sickbay and the quarters on opposite sides, and well, no briefing room to be found. It makes it a challenge to kind of re-engineer it all to work with the old layout. 
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That's an ambitious project!