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Desilu Stage 9 TOS to Phase II Corridor Layout WIP

I've run into my first snag with the layout and using already created TMP assets for the Stage 9 layout. Apparently the curvature of the corridor in TMP and TNG is actually quite a bit looser than in TOS. I'm going to have to perform some surgery on my concentric corridor bits to get them to match the tighter curve of the TOS corridor. I'm also going to have to make a smaller door for the one side of the corridor. I have the 3 ft. doors for the inner curve, but I only made up a 5 ft. door for the outer curve. The width is pretty much dead on for the outside part of the set walls for the corridor though, which I thought was pretty neat. I'm utilizing a slide wall with ODN panels for when you'd go in and out of Engineering. I guess it depends on where you would want your main Engineering to be, either in the front of the Secondary Hull ala TMP or in the back of the Secondary Hull ala Phase II. Basically it functions like the wall plugs they used in TNG in Engineering anyway. Just slide them between the bulkheads and go. :)
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