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Civilian Scout Ship WIP 16 Liberty Class

I've done some tinkering with the Liberty's secondary hull and the overall shape. I also added the landing strip section for the shuttlebay but I need to smooth that out and figure out if I'm going clamshell or flat doors for the back end. Probably flat. In the new secondary hull I added two slots that you can fit mission pods into. In this case, the first pod is our standard deflector, unchanged from last time. I reworked my deflector housing though to be a cargo container. Haven't decided what type. The actual Knight Hawk won't use them and will just have a seal to keep the 'bugs and dirt' out of the attachment port on the hull. I did try coming up with a secondary hull design that covered the deflector more, but ultimately it felt too much like the Excelsior and the ship designers just aren't there yet when the Liberty was being laid out. 

Exterior list still remaining: shuttlebay, civilian warp-capable shuttle, torpedo mounts/insets, proper nacelle struts with warp-powered impulse engines (more like vents that have been turned into almost boosters really), the 'warp core' that'll be visible in the front of the nacelles, and of course the nacelles themselves. 

The interior list is... long

Work continues.

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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you know what? go and ask :iconcaptshade:. he could make a great ortho based on your libert class ship
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That's an idea. :)  I'm still working through the design though. I've grown less happy with the 'secondary' hull and I'm thinking about making it an extended engineering hull. So many ideas, so little time. 
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and i see that it's a very TOS styled ship
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Yeah. Tiny little TOS era craft.  Well not tiny tiny, but it's only 3 decks. 
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still bigger than an archer class starship, which is just 1 deck.
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True, but the deck on top is just the bridge and the deck on bottom is just a lab/science area. lol
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how big would this be in comparison to the TOS enterprise?

when you finish, it would be nice if you provided us an orthographic (yes, that is a word) view of the ship as well as soome specs
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Rough specs
Height: 50 -70 ft. (Depends on if I blend the primary and secondary hull which would shorten the ship)
Width: 180 ft.
Length:380 ft. (The warp nacelles bump this out quite a bit)

I'm actually building it to scale in Truespace so it's easy to measure. ;)

I did a really rough layout of the ship main deck here
Civilian Scout - Liberty Class - Deck 2 Layout WIP by ashleytinger

Trust me, long time Trek and ship fan. I understand orthography ;)
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of your deflector variants, my favorite is the one which has a 1701-B style shroud surrounding the deflector.  (in the middle of this image)  But ,from a functional standpoint, that may be the least useful.  I like the idea of there being a replaceable module.  Maybe combine the ideas and keep the shroud, but still keep the swap-ability of the deflector component.  

Will you model the attachment systems for the deflector?
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I do like that one myself, but I'm thinking I'm going to hold off on developing that one for a refit/relaunch of the class that would happen around the 2290s or so. It feels too out of place in a ship from the era I'm going for. Right now she's vintage late 2260s/pre2270s TMP design. I definitely think I'll keep the ability to easily swap out components in the secondary hull for various missions with the refit so I'll model up that variant of it eventually. 

The current dish itself rests right into the housing that has all the nuts and bolts. It's basically the same attachment system that the TOS Enterprise had minus the ability to rotate the dish, not that they ever moved the dish in TOS but the model had the ability. ;)
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A continuing project..  I know you'll work out what you want to do with it. 
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I know the utilitarian uses I want out of it, it's the general design I keep messing with lol
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But that's good.  You can have multipurpose variants for other main functions.  If you were in that century maybe you could build and sell civilian ships as customs.  Dare to imagine.  I get sometimes lost in daydreams like that.
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"Custom racing stripes that will up the value of the ship"
"Yeah but they're faded"
"Custom faded. It's your first starship. I wouldn't expect you to understand."
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Channeling my inner used car salesman and a bit of Transformers with that one lol
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Keep that going.  It takes "verbal agility" to pull that off and still not lose the customer.
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Heh. That's why in IT and not sales ;)
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