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Civilian Scout Ship WIP 15 Liberty Class

Work has started on the secondary hull. I've tried a new smaller and sleeker looking deflector housing. This one makes it look more modular, like it's an option and not part of the standard build. You can see the old design hanging out off in the space below the new one. I'm not sold on it entirely yet. There are definitely things I like about both of them. I'm also working on new probe/torpedo launchers that aren't quite as set into the hull as the old ones. I might carve a bit into the hull for them as well but haven't decided yet on that either. I've got a lot more freedom to play with the back end and my imagination may actually be a bigger stumbling block than all the little details that went into the saucer. :P

Built and Rendered in Truespace 3.1
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Very Well-done, again! Love your work.  Great Stuff!!
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What about a more smoothly integrated and wider but not quite as deep (fore to aft) deflector housing?  Then, aft of that, you'd have room for a large-ish mission pod or two smaller ones?
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Do you have any examples? I'm having a hard time right now wrapping my brain around it. That's probably more after work brain fog than anything else though. I'm not opposed to fresh ideas I just want to plant this firmly in the post TOS but pre TMP timeframe for the initial exterior. 
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Well, I was thinking perhaps a fuller, rounder secondary hull to accommodate flush-mounted pods but, as you pointed out in a later post, it would look more Excelsior-like.  Part of my thinking was to provide a shirt-sleeve environment for operating and maintaining whatever specialized gear was in each pod.  Of course with your design, perhaps the connecting strut could accommodate a Jeffries tube for access?

But I'm just spit-balling and sticking my nose into somebody else's ship design. :-P
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Oh I don't mind input at all. Helps me work through some of my design thoughts and when it helps either solidify the design or moves it in another workable direction, even better!

The strut itself is 'just' big enough for Jefferies tube access. And I do mean 'just' ;) Anyone who's got any amount of claustrophobia would not want to go down into that one, especially given how cramped that pod would be with the deflector equipment in it. 

Oh no, totally fine. It's why I post the WIP stuff. If I didn't want input on the design I'd just post the finished ship!
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