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Civilian Scout Ship WIP 13 Liberty Class

I've been plugging away at the saucer section. It has 12 living quarters lining the exterior, each with a window. There's also a crew's mess in the bow, also with windows. The airlocks on either side aren't done yet but I'm working on some ideas. I think what I'll do for the exterior is have a set of retracting doors that reveal a flat area where a travel pod could dock with the standard starfleet airlock set-up underneath.

I started working out some of my warp engine details. They are far from done, but I did lower them on the secondary hull a little bit. I'm toying with an idea I've seen from the super cars where they're using an electric engine alongside a gas powered engine but instead of making them fuel efficient they instead use the electric engine to boost the hell out of the gas engine's power. So what exactly does that mean? Along with the standard fusion powered Impulse Engines in the primary hull, the Liberty is going to have a set of experimental warp powered impulse engines built into the nacelles. It's an idea. We'll see how bulked up that looks when I put it on there. 

Anyway, the saucer has windows and little rooms behind each of those windows with tables, chairs, food dispensers, beds, and off to the side room behind a wall a sonic shower and a toilet :P

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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are you interested in making this vessel capable of Saucer Separation?
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Oh no, this ship is way too small for that. It's got two lifeboats that launch from the turbolift shafts and another near engineering. 
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Coming along very nicely!

Bathrooms?  Is that even canon? :-P
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Well I don't plan on SHOWING them. ;)

And thank you!
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I just saw that on this the 3 circles are windows.  My fault for not paying more attention.  Thanks.
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S'ok. *beams*

I'd originally laid it out for four circular windows but decided to stick with the more TOS look for it. 
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I just noticed the 3 circles on the front center of the primary hull / Saucer.  Classic detail from the TOS style.  Some people argue over what they are.  I believe that they are secondary deflector emitters.  We see more prominent secondary deflector emitters on 'Voyager', the 'Nova' Class and the 'Akira' class as well as others, usually on the ships of the latter 24th century, after TNG.  TOS Enterprise had them obviously but the TMP version didn't.  The best example I can think of is on the 'Grandeur' class ships. 
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I figure with a ship as small as the Liberty, they can use that space as something else. Now if it was the option that lacked the primary deflector attached to the secondary hull, absolutely it's going to have a deflector there. The Liberty lacks the support necessary to suspend a dish from the saucer, so the crew's mess would go somewhere else. ;)

On the TMP/A Enterprise that's where the lounge was in Star Trek V, it's just that the shutters were always 'closed' on the model. :P (They just never made any changes to the model to add it in basically)
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Its really looking good! I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Will you go with more of a TOS color or go with the Aztecing of the movie and later series for the hull?
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Definitely TOS. She's smooth and sleek and other than the deflectors cut in on the side of the saucer and the secondary hull I want to keep her that way. I'm actually thinking about keeping her pretty much white as is and maybe adding some 'weathering' here and there but nothing drastic at all. 
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I like your idea on that. Figure a little more wear and tear looks since she is a civilian craft but that nice TOS white is always a winner
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Probably some scratches and dents near the airlocks where careless pilots have scraped her side while docking or being docked with, some scrapes along the landing pad in the shuttlebay, minor scarring along the hull where stray space debris has vaporized in the deflector but left a mark on the hull, stuff like that. 
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