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Civilian Scout Ship WIP 12 - Liberty Class

Decided to cut some windows into her saucer section. Started with deck 3 which is the science lab. I've got the science lab internals pretty basic here, most of it is the set missing some higher poly items but for long range shots it'll probably be overkill by a lot either way. But it's better than just an image over the window... I guess. :P  I am building the science set to scale to fit exactly within that space so you could go all high poly with the finished set if you wanted for a massive pull away or zoom in I guess. 

Cut three windows, build out a whole set. Oi.

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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Coming along very nicely!  :-)
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Hug fine work my friend!
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Thanks :) She's getting there, slowly but surely. 
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I really like the way this is shaping up! Your 3D-fu is very strong! I can easily imagine this ship, with some greebles and rivets and such, in a cinematic production.
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Thank you :) Don't know how overboard I'll get with greeblies, but we'll see ;)
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If your willing to share, I could envision this ship in some of my scenes. 
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Yeah I've been meaning to get my stuff together so it's more 'user-friendly' and not as piecemeal and start sharing them. When she's done I'll probably have a package of sets and then the ship as a separate item. 
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Wonderful! I am excited by the idea of having a Tinger built ship! :D 
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