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Civilian Scout Ship WIP 07 - Bridge design 2

Had a suggestion off the DAZ forums to drop the Captain's chair and make this a working class scout ship where even the head cheese has to work a bit and ended up making the bridge even more cramped I think. I am going to try dropping the stations into the other layout I had but this is definitely an option I think. It's still a Trek bridge, especially since I borrowed the Hathaway/ENT-C back wall console designs and put them to work here. :P

Obviously lots more work to go on this as a set, but as an overall concept for my wee little scout ship I think it works. To the left is Engineering, the central station is your conn with a different monitor above that functions as the main viewscreen, and then the science station to the right.  

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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Very Old School.  I like it so far.  Thumbs up to you!