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Civilian Scout - Liberty - Warp Nacelle WIP 02

Pulled in my stand in warp nacelle and strut from the Liberty to make sure my Nacelle components were going to line up with the model. I kept them pretty transparent so you can see the actual components. Warp core is nestled in there underneath the anti-matter pods. Yes, I used my 'dilithium pumpkin' parts from the Destroyer's Engineering section. Also modeled up some warp coils. I'm going to do up some equipment that rests between them but keep a mostly hollow center. There's some more stuff to do to the 'bussard' area as I do want to have some kind of 'collector' there that feeds back to the deuterium tanks. 

Again, most of this isn't really going to be visible or even part of the ship mesh, but it'll be useful for Engineering displays and figuring out how I want the exterior of the nacelle to actually be.

built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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Very cool details :)
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Now its taking shape.  Excellent work!!
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Slowly developing warp capability one part at a time ;)
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She is a beauty!
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