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Civilian Scout - Liberty - Warp Nacelle WIP 01

I have my own little brain design on how the warp core within the nacelle is going to work. I've got anti-matter containers lining the pod that feed into an injector that is in turn fed deuterirum through the ball on top which also helps collect stray particles. This will lead into the core which is inside the anti-matter bottles (not modeled yet) and will have a plasma feed line to the warp coils and also back to the ship and secondary impulse engines on the struts. 

This isn't something that's going to be on the  finished mesh of the ship because there isn't any reason to. Well parts of it will be, but this also lets me make up neat 3D engineering displays for the warp systems. ;)

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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Looks like a ship's communications buoy.  Like an emergency "Black Box" to be ejected in case a ship faces destruction.  The ship's logs up to launch can be ejected in a buoy to warn other vessels and Starfleet of an impending threat.  Usually done only if the Captain thinks the ship will be imminently destroyed.  I know its part of a Warp Nacelle.  It just reminds be of one of those buoys.
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I can totally see what you're talking about. I''m still building on it, but I can definitely see it. 
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Looks amazing wish I could design such things. Can't wait to see it finished with the warp coils in place.
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Thanks! She's coming right along :)
Well done!

On a side note, I'm amazed Truespace still continues to work with today's tech.
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I'm glad it does so I don't have to learn a new modeling package lol

And thank you :)
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