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Civilian Scout - Liberty Class - Warp Nacelle Wip

Finally back to working on this after a hiatus while we busted our butts getting the house ready for sale, which it is, so please, someone buy my house!

Working on a few ideas here with this, the shape of the rear 'exhaust' for lack of a better term, some more details for the warp field generator, and a 'vent' based off the one used on the smaller TOS model of the Enterprise but flipped to the outside so it's not venting into the side of the Engineering hull of the Liberty. 

Also threw in my 6 ft cutout for fun.

Built and Rendered in Truespace 3.1
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Loving the detail, it would be nice to add some annotations to the render to identify the internal parts.  Are you going to include crew access like jefferies tubes and such?

I've recently sold up and moved house in the past few months myself, so now that I'm all settled in my new place I've been looking at getting back into starship modelling. Thanks for the motivation! :D