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Civilian Scout - Liberty Class - Corridor WIP 01

I did say I was going to be hella busy, and I was, but I was also on the phone for like 3 hours today so I had some time to 'doodle' and the 'doodle' turned into full blown corridor sections. I've got a makeshift set-up here of the concentric and radial corridors for the Liberty. The doors won't ever be placed that close together with the exception of the Mess Hall which has two doors leading into it. This was just to test the corridor sections and the door placement. The colors are also not final. That's more for me for when I import it into DAZ and each one will be a separate material for easy set-up in DAZ. I'm planning a floor light fixture, one on the angle at the top, and one down the center. Each one will have it's own separate control though.  

Like the Destroyer corridor, this one is set up to incorporate some of the Motion Picture elements from the corridors but is meant to be a bit simpler, so it would fit in with a more Original Series aesthetic. Obviously I'm kind of kicking it back even further with the doors the way they are to more like Enterprise, but I think it works. I did 'borrow' the ceiling panel from the corridor junction from my Connie set. *shrugs*

Built and rendered in Truespace 3.1
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