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Civilian Liberty Class Bridge DAZ Studio WIP 08

Arcelyn turned in her chair to look at the consoles coming up one by one. She allowed herself the brief celebratory moment. They were still going to have to test each of the systems to make sure they were working correctly, but this was a huge step up from having nothing to do.

Lisbeth moved to the comms and got a hold of Emily who was working down in the computer core. "You owe me a week's worth of the late shift"

Emily's voice came through clear over the Engineering station's internal comms. "She did the fist thing didn't she?"

"You'll eventually learn not to take that bet, Emily. Today is not that day," smirked Lisbeth.

Emily sounded annoyed and defeated. "And here I thought the six hours I'd spent down here goofing off would have worn her down. Oh well, back to aligning the core with the ship's network ports."

Arcelyn stared annoyed at her friend. "You know this bridge isnt' that big. I can hear you two."


Finished up the textures for the bridge so one last render, well maybe second to last, while I go work on another part of the ship. A few of the monitors had a red alert version that takes the place of the 'System Nominal' there. The lighting would also probably subtly change as well. Took me a bit longer to tackle these than I thought it would but I think the result was worth it. Does seem a bit weird seeing the 2270's interface working on the 'Hathaway/Enterprise-C consoles instead of the Trek IV Okudagrams, but I'm liking it the more I look at it. :)

And now I'm seeing some mesh errors in the support beams. Grrr... That'll need to be fixed, but other than that then this bridge is good to go. :) 


Rank and combadges by RSchulte
V4 and Genesis from DAZ
New Adventure Uniforms by Uzilite
Bridge Chair by JamesJAB

Bridge built in Truepace 3.1
Rendered with DAZ Studio 4.9 and iRay
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THAT is SUPERIOR to what I've seen so far about STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.  AWESOME JOB!!  I love the old school displays.  I am so ecstatic about your work.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like them. :) It's all going in to try and fit that mid-80s TOS film aesthetic. 

I have to admit I do love the LCARS and the Okudagrams of the later TOS films, but I have a fascination for the original TMP-TSFS and some TVH displays and consoles that are pretty much each unique and designed for one function unlike the later ones that are all pretty much plug and play, which has its uses too, but the actual moving displays of the first few films always drew me in a way that the LCARS with TV displays mixed in just couldn't. 
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I agree. I thought that I was the only one who was obsessed with the TOS movie sets.  I see I am not so alone in my fascination with all of this.  I have zero artistic ability but know what I like and I really like all of your works.  They are very well done.  AWESOME!!  Thank you for sharing these.  I missed Discovery last night as I was busy.  Did you see it yet?  If so, what was your view on it?
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Yeah I'd originally thought to set my story in a post TNG setting, mainly because all the sets I could find were either TOS or TNG, but there was going to be a significant chunk of time/parallel travel especially in the first draft that set it deeply in the late 2270s to late 2280s.  So then I thought to myself, 'I used to 3D model a lot, I bet I can build these sets out, at least the ones that there's no TMP equivalent for already' and then I got sucked down that rabbit hole. I am still going to set part of it in a later setting post 2380 or so, but it's going to be a flash forward, not a flash back. While I like my lead as Captain, I found that the crew I'd assembled in the 2280 setting was far more interesting to me than the one I'd put together for 2380. Plus she's not in charge in 2280 and still figuring out what she wants in life as opposed to already having lived a pretty full career in 2380. In essence, I'm still figuring it all out as I build my sets. Not the best way to do it really, but I'm having fun with it either way and that's the important part.

And thank you for the kind words!  The scout so far has been a fun little exercise and I do plan on using the hell out of it eventually so I'm trying to go as in depth with her as I think I'll need to. :)

I have mixed feelings on Discovery, but overall it was a very positive dive into that show. The two hour opening was probably one of the better pilots I've seen out of Star Trek. Is it dark? Yeah a bit, but it has the sense of wonder and awe and a crew that is trying to work through things intelligently and there's bickering but everyone has a good answer or thought and it's complicated and fun at the same time.   There's a moment that's breath-taking when Burnham gets in her suit and goes out on deck and they look over her shoulder at the binary star they're near and I was sitting there with my jaw open. So gorgeous. It is very much doing it's own thing design-wise but honestly I stopped noticing it after the first initial shock shots and it all just worked. The Klingons may look different but they are VERY much Klingons. It's a bit tweaked and it does borrow a bit from what came before, but all the Trek shows do to some extent. Hell, the books on Giergou's shelf are all named after TOS episodes. You can't see it on screen but there was a great behind the scenes shot of it.

Overall though, that two episodes sold me at least on the rest of the season. My only complaint is we won't get more of certain characters interacting later on cause of what happens in the first two and their interactions were golden. Is it like Star Trek of old? No, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Is it very much more in the vein of televised Trek as opposed to film Trek? Hell yes. Right now, if I didn't get anymore episodes I'd rank the shows TNG - TOS - DS9 - DSC - TAS - VOY - ENT. Depending on how the rest of this season plays out I can see DSC over-taking DS9. 
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Cool.  Thank you for letting me know about Discovery.  I am still trying sort out how it is supposed to be ten years before TOS but with so much higher0end tech and sets.  I am a stickler for continuity concern.  It is my understanding that Discovery is still set in the prime universe.  Does that seem true to you?
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It's kind of like Enterprise where you basically have to ignore the technology inconsistencies and just focus on what you're seeing within the show itself. The characters really are the main focus here and not the tech, and especially not the techno-babble. I didn't see anything that could set it outside the Prime universe other than the visual appearance to make it more inline with the Kelvin universe.  Hell the Shenzou could easily fit in with Enterprise and its tech levels as it's supposed to be an older ship anyway. They actually make a comment in the show about that in the second episode and the transporter. 

Roddenberry tried to retcon Trek when the Motion Picture came out and said that Trek was always supposed to look like that. It's just that the 70s technology in film wasn't as huge a leap in visuals than the 60s was so it kind of worked if you squinted really hard. If you can wrap your head around that and that 2017 technology in film and an even bigger budget and I can totally see this being the same setting as TOS with a much bigger budget and the technology to pull off whatever you wanted. Hell, that's why they invented the transporter in the first place was to get around expensive landing shots with shuttles or the main ship every week. 

I think if you go into Discovery expecting it to line up exactly with Trek before it you'll be disappointed. If you go in expecting a Star Trek show that lines up with modern serialized story-telling in TV shows with a blockbuster film budget that's trying to do it's own thing but honor what came before then you'll get exactly that. 
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Thank you for your honest take on Discovery.  I admit that I still haven't watched it yet.  I am a bit hesitant about what I will think of it.  I have read many negative reviews and I almost fear watching it.  I like your view on it though.  Thank you again.
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I decided when it was announced that it'd get a fair shake from me and the reviews be damned. And you're welcome. :)
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Id like to see more 
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Any particular views or anything? The previous wips show a number of angles, but that was as I was inputting it into DAZ. 
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Fantastic work!
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Thanks very much :)
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