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CP180 Heavy Courier WIP 09

Between work, clean-up of other meshes, and having life stuff going on, haven't gotten to play much with this. I'd fleshed out the idea of this ship a bit more with the thought that the units on the side are detachable and customizable. There might be an actual crew module with all the amenities, but the cargo options are the most prevalent as that makes you the most money with less effort keeping people happy involved. So I decided to build it out as a smaller version of the Cargo Module from earlier Star Wars games. I planned on stripping it down so I didn't want to detail it too much but I wanted the bones there, so that's the Original Cargo Container exterior.

The converted Cargo Container has been modified to have more armor in sensitive target spots as well as life support, a kitchen, bunks, a refresher and a pair of crash chairs. On the outside, key parts of the original container have been left and my plan is to work in lots of hoses, plating, weird car parts.. er greebles, and so on on the exterior.  I'm just getting started with the interior, but I'm borrowing design motifs from the YT-1300 main hold and the Captain's Cabin. I'm not modeling the refresher, but I'm putting lights and walls and a door in.

I'm carrying over a few parts here to the actual cargo module on the ship, but it's going to be modified as well with less padding and more room for storage. That's going to end up being a garage for a single person speeder bike I'm toying with (no not based off any one design in particular) and some tools and parts as well as room for actual storage. That's obviously not in these screengrabs.
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