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CP180 Heavy Courier WIP 08

I've been playing with this on and off between work and cleaning up the Trek bridge along with you know, spending time destressing and enjoying life. :P

Anyway, work on my little ship that could contiues.

The left three are actually the most current version of the ship. The top left is my attempt to figure out how much space I had for a cockpit window. The middle is my first real go at it, trying to mimic the Corvette a bit, but the window is pretty tight there and considering this ship is a bit bigger than a fighter but much smaller than a full on freighter, I had to agree with my consultants that I needed to spruce it up a bit, and so based the windows off the original look for the Corvette and built it into the geometry of that middle part of the hull. 

I've been toying with the cockpit a bit and gave the pilot and copilot a hanging set of controls to access. I'm building all of the controls that were spaced out over the YT1300 into these, minus the nav controls and computer (that's why this ship needs an astromech) so that two people can legit fly it without having to get out of their seats. 

One thing that was bugging me too, and this is where the sketch comes in, was that I had built her exterior way too differently than my initial sketches and so I drew over the top of the model to try and figure out spacing as well as functionality. The idea here is that this Heavy Courier had the equivalent of two cargo containers mounted or attached to the side for regualr transport. If it needed to, when it got where it was going, it could eject either of them and still be able to take on another container. So both sides, crew and cargo, are getting built roughly the same way, only the crew area is a converted cargo module for the ship and so has some padding added to it but overall will look like a converted cargo container-ish.  

My other idea, is that the whole ship is a lifeboat, other than Engineering. If there's a problem in Engineering and it's going to explode, etc. they can seal off the corridor, cut the cord holding the rear of the ship on and use thrusters to get away. I highly doubt I'm going to ever depict that or build it to do that, but that's the thought process. Hence the big red emergency door.

Last but not least, I've started on the bunks and the hull braces and ceiling in the crew and cargo area. I've also blocked out the bathroom and put a door to it. I'm probably barebonesing the bathroom. Like I'll do up the walls and lights but I don't have a desire to design up a Star Wars Toilet or space shower at the moment. 
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