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CP180 Heavy Courier WIP 05

Admittedly, this ship has been a very fun side-project to go along with cleaning up my Trek bridge meshes, and while I will get back to building out my own YT-1300 with interior, I definitely want to finish the Heavy Courier. The big question I'm having right now as I rough out the crew quarters and cargo bay is do I go back to the corridor and have a few panels that can be pulled up and have conduit running back from the cockpit to Engineering around the landing gear (landing gear struts in image are not final)? There's room for a crawlspace in there or even a contraband cargo hold...

And no, that is NOT my R2 unit in there. I needed to make sure my corridor and doorways were wide enough.
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O great Artisan! You should have been one of the Trekkie Crew! Bet you would have done well!

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The Trekkie crew?

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Well you did start out with Star Trek ships right?

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I've been all over the map but yeah, Star Trek is absolutely still part of my modeling package. ;)