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CP180 Heavy Courier WIP 04

I was originally going to do a straight section of the YT-1300 for the central corridor that runs the length of the ship, but with all the lineage history that goes back to the Hammerhead and the Blockade Runner, I thought I should do up a corridor that matches that but then I didn't want the clean corridors of the Tantive IV, this is a working class ship. Bring on the Service Corridor!  No this isn't one for one of the service corridor. The parts aren't going to completely match and they shouldn't. I did keep 4 sections of gas/liquid containers, a section of lots of piping that I need to have something on the wall behind besides, and the other section closer to Engineering that has fewer pipes that needs something there. I'm thinking some variation of the consoles from the Falcon with an astromech jack-in port.

The well lit sections in the middle there go to the cargo bay to the right and the crew quarters to the left. I need to model up a different section there with different doors for that as well as to the cockpit and Engineering.

Side note, the only parts here I did use from the YT-1300 are the floor panels and the round bulkheads. Everything else is new.
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Looking neat. :D Here's a thought, how about an astromech shaped slot in a wall where the astro goes and plugs into everything.

How are you getting on with Blender? I've been playing with it myself, but I've got a long way to go. :)

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Oh, and now that I’m over the initial hump, I am living blender. I’m using Blender for Artists which isn’t exactly the same but it definitely works for me
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Yeah, I'm getting into it. I'm currently building a spaceship for my own Sci-Fi universe, and a 3D version of this stellar map I was making in photoshop. :D

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I will definitely have access ports for an Astromech. I’m going with the idea they saved some cost and space by not having a full blown navcomputer on board and require an astromech to do that part of it. There’s going to be at least two access ports in the corridor, one in the cockpit and engineering and several in some. Insoles along the walls. An actual plug in and charging station would be a great idea though!
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Yeah, I just thought as I was reading your description, a sort of astromech silloette in the wall, the astro slots in maybe half-way, plugs into the ships systems, plus their heads are round so they could still spin. :)