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Bridge of the Week - TOS WIP07

Worked out the walls and bridge canopy. The walls are lacking the systems monitor and obviously the main viewscreen. I decided to try using the walls from the CIC I'd done up to see how well they worked with some of the more classic elements and I think I really like this look so far. 

I was originally going to add more lights to the bridge canopy but I'm not sure it needs it. I'm also nixing the idea of having the pipes run through like on the NX-01 bridge. I think this works pretty well overall.  One thing I'm annoyed by are the rear consoles. I'd done some more repair work on them but there's still some import errors that didn't show until after I'd rendered it out. Grrrr. And obviously I need to texture the screens.  I'm probably going to overhaul the buttons as well, but we'll have to see how that goes. 

If I end up building a Ready Room off the Port side like I'd planned I think I'm going to do it up as a separate set. I just want to get this bridge set done I think and work on something else for a week or so. 

So laundry list for this set:
Tweak issues with rear consoles
Texture screens on rear consoles
Railing and supports
Rebuild out the raised flooring
Captain's Chair
Main Viewscreen and TOS greebles around it
Side monitoes in a more TOS style
Dedication Plaque
Import Doors and Turbolift from Throwback Corridor
Import Throwback wall and ceiling section for exterior bridge off Port Side
Extend flooring off port side to meet Throwback wall

Nowhere close to done, but getting there. :)

Built in Truespace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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<standing in the center of the room>  Hellloooo!  hello...hello....hello....hello....

Sorry, had to.  

I like the room, very original layout and ideas.
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LOL. Even with as high as I have the dome, the original Enterprise bridge dome was even HIGHER. ;)
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Amazingly Cool!  Seems like this would allow for a very large, much wider view-screen.  One thing I like is a big view-screen.  I found the view-screens seen in the JJ-verse vessels and also in Disco to be what I wanted to see all along.  
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Thanks!  Yeah I'm planning on starting with at least the size of the TMP viewscreen and going from there. And definitely widescreen. lol  And yeah, I do love a larger main viewscreen on these ships. It takes away a little from the whole 'submarine' feel but at the same time, this is a starship. Let them look out the window!
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I believe the only 'window' that the TOS ships had were that one part of the ship with a walkway, not sure the name of it but it had like 'windows' on both sides of a bridge.  the TMP ship seemed to only have them in the officers' lounge near the back of the saucer section as you could physically see the engines.  I believe it was not until TNG that the Federation ships seemed to have them.
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Well not that we saw the interiors for them but there were portholes/windows in the models. ;)
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I was not aware of that.  Thank you, I didn't realize that.
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Your Very Welcome!😜
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You do such a great job with these!
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Thanks!  Probably doesn't hurt that I love the source material and nerd out over working on these lol
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That is looking very good!
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