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Bridge of the Week - TOS WIP 10

I know it's sacrilege, but I re-designed the Captain's chair. All the proportions are the same as the original one Shatner graced for years, except for a raised back, head rest, trimmed and slimmed sides and a more... elegant?... base.  Plus I built a platform for it to raise it up a bit more.  

Built and Rendered in TrueSpace 3.2
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I like it.  Very well-thought out.
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I like it, It's much simpler while still being a bridge (no pun intended) between the NX-01 Chair and the Classic Kirk chair.
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Not quite what I was going for but I'll take it. I was trying to channel the fold-over sides a little bit from the Motion Picture chairs. ;)  I can see the ties to the NX-01 chair though. Must have been that binge watch of Enterprise I did a month or two back lol
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I really like it. Think you did great with the design!
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Thanks!  Doing a test render now with some leather backing. :)
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I like it, it adds a bit of uniqueness to the design and makes it yours.
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Thank you! Now I want one. :P
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LOL I bet you do!
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