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Bridge of the Week - TOS WIP 09

Got the viewscreen and side details imported over to DAZ and textured properly. Also finished off the port side corridor that heads to the, well head, and Captain's Ready Room. 

And I just realized I forgot to swap out that Engineering wall diagram that I put in as a test. >_<  That's from the LCARS website… and is a quick screengrab. I meant to swap that out. DOH  Well other than that graphic the exterior walls of the bridge are complete. So that leaves fixing just a few things in the middle. 

TOS Sephora Bridge To-Do List:

Tweak issues with rear consoles
Texture screens on rear consoles
Railing and supports
Rebuild out the raised flooring
Captain's Chair

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
TOS Engineering Display…
Klingon ship by MadMan and converted by mattymanx
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Excellent work
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Thank you! She's getting there!
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Wow!  Pretty!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Thank you!  Working on the internal pieces I need to fix. Hoping to have it all done this weekend. :)
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Oh man this looks awesome! Loved seeing all the WIP shots and descriptions you posted...thanks so much for that :)!
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Thank you!  She's getting there!  Need to finish up just a few things and fix some errors but then she'll be ready to take on some crew. :)

And not a problem!  If you ever have questions about how I did something or want more details on something I've built, let me know. I'm happy to try and get all that together or answer questions. :)
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