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Bridge of the Week - TOS WIP 08

Working on the viewscreens around the bridge.  The main viewscreen is going to be the basis for the other two. It's the equivalent of an ultra-wide 120" HD TV.  Currently the market only goes up to 110" but that's not for an ultra-wide. :P  I'm building this in an older version of the set so there's less clutter while I'm trying to align things which is why the helm is lacking some detail and there's no ceiling. ;)

I included the running sensor blinky lights but put them up where the Captain and crew can see them better and put some access panels below.  Then of course the Alert indicators. I'm putting the Bride Support Equipment Panel over on one of the walls to the side of the smaller screens and the General Status display opposite of that.  Then I'm going to put some equipment panels in the other areas to give it a little more detail. Plus the Dedication Plaque.

Kind of working on the outer portion of the bridge right now and then I'll go back and tackle in inner portion again. 

TOS Sephora Bridge To-Do List:
Tweak issues with rear consoles
Texture screens on rear consoles
Railing and supports
Rebuild out the raised flooring
Captain's Chair
Import Doors and Turbolift from Throwback Corridor
Import Throwback wall and ceiling section for exterior bridge off Port Side
Extend flooring off port side to meet Throwback wall
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This is looking good!
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Thank you! Wait'll you see it all imported and properly textured. ;)  Got a good set of shots rendering now! :)
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Oh, YES!  --Thank you!  Finally, a big, wide view-screen for the TOS/ "A" era.
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LOL  It eats into the wall greeble placement but I think it looks clean and functional. :)