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Bridge of the Week - TOS WIP 04

I was really REALLY tired after I got home from work and mowing the old place's lawn and did NOT feel up to detailing the helm console tonight with lots of little buttons, so I said fork it and tried to figure out a ceiling that made sense and didn't look awful and ended up just extrapolating on the ceiling parts from the consoles I already built and then encircled the bridge. This also means you just need to ignore the old Enterprise C bridge parts cause I couldn't be bothered to delete them from the set yet. :P

I'm not making a dome necessarily, but a kind of focusing light thing mounted in the ceiling top so it's not just a big open area. I thought about doing the security system from TAS, but it just didn't fit what I was trying to do, so I'm working on this mix of the NX-01 bridge and what I think the top of the 1701 bridge would have looked like internally. All this needs to tie into the ceiling braces I've already laid out. 

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
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