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Bridge of the Week - TOS Science Console

Science Console completed. Full set renders coming soon. 

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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Excellent work!
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Looking Great!  Taps into that glorious 'space age' feel to the late 1950s through the 1960s.  The future looked brighter then.  Now that I am in the future (of yesterday) it all seems bland to me.  I think nostalgia can work both ways.  The nostalgia for the past as well as for the future, a future that never came to be.  
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Thanks!  It does kind of give that vibe off doesn't it. This has been a fun nostalgia trip modeling up this bridge.  And given me a new appreciation for buttons. ;)
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I like the old fashioned mechanical buttons instead of touch pads like on a smartphone.  ST 6 (ST VI) had those old type buttons on the main helm and navigation stations of Enterprise.  Those Okudagrams were misplaced to me in ST 5 and when they made ST 6, I liked they kinda retconned the 5 bridge.  The ST 5 bridge was very nice but too clean and too soon to be like that compared to TNG.  excelsior on the other hand was more upgraded than ENT-A and it should be as a whole new approach to ship design.
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Looking over the TMP bridge consoles, and I mean really looking at them, it's kind of amazing to me how many 'buttons' they have there that aren't really buttons at all, but kind of the precursor to the backlit TNG screens. I'm doing them up as buttons, but almost flush to the console as I'm re-doing them. 

I didn't mind the push buttons, but I wish they'd gone a bit less after-market with them and didn't pull so many parts from stereo systems. 
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The stereos might be the only source of materials that had the "look" they were after in constructing the sets.  This reminds me of the original Star Wars where much of the imperial Star Destroyers models and the Death Star model all had parts from battleship model kits you could  find on the shelf or a hobby shop back then.  Those model makers did some awesome stuff way before they had computer graphics.  One article I read said they used bits and pieces of over 5,000 different model kits on the original film.
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They actually did something like that with the Star Destroyers in Rogue One if I remember right. They basically built them from scanned in model parts, just like the bins of parts back in the 70s, and went from there to try and re-create the original look. 
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Could be.  And most people wouldn't notice anyway, it's when you go back and people do research on it you end up scratching your head. lol

They did some amazing things with model kits back in the day. 
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Yep.  There was a classic movie, 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad', from I believe around 1974 that had stop-motion special effects for a statue brought to life and even though today's CGI can far surpass that, the original stop-motion seemed uncanny and had an eerie element to it that made it more frightening.  It was done by Ray Harryhaussen (spelling??), a famous special effects master from back then.
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Looks great as allways! Can't wait for the full set renders.

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Thank you!  Got one of them chugging along while I'm at the day job. 
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