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Bridge of the Week - TOS Render Test 02

The only thing left to do is fix the mesh errors and texture the rear consoles and then the TOS era Bridge of the Week is completed. 

I made the railing the same height as the ones on the TOS bridge, but those were designed to be useful for Kirk to lean on from the pit as opposed to keeping the crew from falling into the command pit. I'm not sure I want to raise them though. They're delightfully useless. ;)

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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1920x1080px 1.2 MB
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This looks absolutely incredible rendered as well! I can't understand how you do so much so quickly, with such precision...are you sure you're not a hyper-speed modeler? Or an interstellar Time Bender ;)
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Thank you! When I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll. ;)  I just get in my modeling head set and go to town. Also helps that parts of this are replicated over and over again, like buttons, comm panels, etc. That and it's a bit simpler in overall design than some of my other stuff.  
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this is Awesome, well done
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Thank you!  Almost there! so so close. 
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Excellent!  The grey, and what appears to be terracotta orange-red, scream 1970s Sci-Fi to me.  I really like the "big chair" too.
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It's c84936 in web color parlance if that helps. LOL. All of the red on the bridge actually matches it, but lighting changes it up a bit.
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Thank you.  I admire anyone who can do the digital artwork.  I am not an artist myself, I would not know how to begin with the programs or if my computer could handle them or not.  I am on this sight just to see, admire and appreciate others magnificent artwork.  I lOVE anything Star Trek or Star Wars, Babylon 5, Blakes 7, some sci-fi anime.
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:)  Sci-Fi is my bag baby! ;)
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Very nice!  I'd have loved to see slightly different bridges for different starships in this original series.
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Thank you!  Yeah I'm going to take a break from this bridge for a bit after I'm done with the TOS version and I'll re-visit it with a TMP to ST III version which will probably mirror the Enterprise C look a bit more except the back consoles shape. We'll see though :)

I do wish they'd had the budget to do more bridges and ships on TOS than we saw. For being a relatively unique design at 12 ships, the Constitution was certainly everywhere.  I mean I get it, budget and all, but you know. ;)
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I'm going to take that as a good wow :)
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Your work consistently Wows me.  Yes good wow.
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