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Bridge of the Week - TOS Engineering Console

Finished texturing the displays on the Engineering console. All the mid-level displays are loosely based off the McMaster's blueprints from Engineering and Environmental. The one on top right is based off McMasters, and the top left is an internal schematic of the warp nacelle for the Civilian Scout which I decided worked well enough for the Destroyer. Sometimes it does pay to over-build the interior of a mesh because then you can do things like this with it. :)

So, with that you're looking at this completed section of the guest bridge. I'll be doing more as I complete the other two rear consoles and a full shot of the bridge, but she's getting there.

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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Great job! The render looks real enough that it makes me want to run over and start playing with the various buttons and switches.

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Thank you!  I know exactly what you mean. Lost hours wanting to do that with the helm so much that I made most of the buttons 'functional' on that so you can turn them on or off. Meep. 
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Great!  I like that the chairs have higher back support and they appear to be movable, not locked into one-position fits-all (NOT).  If I can't pull a chair out first then sit down and pull it back up my desk or table, I can't fit in it... not comfortably anyway.
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Hehe. Yeah they're not quite the TOS chairs but they're definitely move-able. And hopefully stable enough when the inertial dampeners go offline ;)
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The first time I saw ST 6 (ST VI), When Sulu fell out of his Captain's Chair, I thought, they STILL have no seatbelts.  25th anniversary (at that time, 1991) and still no flipping seatbelts?!  At least in TMP they tried with the locking arm rests on the command chairs, all of them, not just The Captain's Chair.
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And those worked just fine except for all the standing stations they had. ;p
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